Chance to Get Preview of New Medical Exhibition in Return for Memoirs

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Staff and patients of the former Worcester Royal Infirmary will have the chance to preview a new public exhibition of medical equipment, documents and uniforms next month.

The exhibition, currently being created at the University of Worcester’s City Campus, is due to open to the public later this summer. In exchange for sharing their memories, former staff and patients will be able to get a first look on July 19th – the 180th anniversary of the founding of the British Medical Association in the former hospital by Sir Charles Hastings.

Museum Curator, Catriona Smellie, said: “We want people to share their memories of the building, whether they worked there or were treated there. These memories will become part of the exhibition in the future.”

The exhibition, which will be known as The Infirmary, is being created in a ward of the former Worcester Royal Infirmary, which now forms the University of Worcester’s City Campus, thanks to a £537,000 grant from the Heritage Lottery Fund.

It will include collections of artefacts from the Infirmary and across Worcestershire, as well as exhibitions celebrating the history of the site. There will be an emphasis on education and participation, with activities to get schoolchildren and members of the public involved.

Ms Smellie added: “This is a tremendously exciting project that will allow us to display many of our collections for the first time. Most interesting, in my opinion, are some of the artefacts found during the renovations of the site by the University, such as old postcards and letters belonging to the nurses that lived and worked here.

“The exhibition will celebrate the history of the Infirmary in the Worcester community, and the stories of people who worked and were treated there during the past 300 years. We deliberately chose to invite former staff and patients to this preview of our exhibition to reflect the level of importance that we place on the wealth of community memory about the site.”

Free tickets to the preview event, which runs from 4pm to 6pm, will be allocated on a first come first served basis, in return for sharing a memory of the building.

Short, written recollections of no more than around 250 words should be submitted to . Photographs are welcome but we may not be able to return them. Please note that all submitted memories or photographs may be used in the exhibition in the future.