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Centre for Palliative Care research

The Centre for Palliative Care engages in research across the whole area of end of life care, including:

survivorship; complementary therapies; patient choices; burnout; workforce development; compassionate communities; service users and carer support; quality of life & quality of care in different settings; dignity in dying; loss & bereavement; communication skills; emotional care; leadership; emotional intelligence and self-worth; society and choices in death and dying.


Research framework for the Centre for Palliative Care (CPC)


The Centre for Palliative Care aspires to take research and its activities forward using a framework that helps to disseminate widely. The ultimate goal of the CPC is to initiate its own research projects that generate new evidence for palliative and end of life care.


CPC Research Profile


Coping with bereavement among families



Qualitative with focus group interviews (planning stage)





 Exploring Impact of Massage Reiki and Reflexology in Palliative Care  Qualitative – one to one interviews (Planning stage)  BN/JF/KL
Palliative and EOL needs for patients living with Brain Tumors  Quantitative – survey (Planning stage  BN/RW
 Impact of working in palliative care for hcp  Quantitative – survey – planning stage  BN/TM
 Using Death Cafes as a method for discussing death and dying with 3rd year student nurses  Qualitative – interviews in progress Study aim  BN/TM/SL/MB
 Complementary therapies and patient well-being in palliative care  Qualitative interviews – completed exec summary  BN/DC/AG
 Teaching communication skills through drama  Survey – data analysis in progress  SN/BN/AR