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Catriona Robinson

Deputy Head of Institute (Quality/External Inspection and Verification)

Institute of Education

Contact Details


tel: 01905 855467

Chair of Institute TEF Strategy Group
Chair of Initial Teacher Education Quality Assurance and Enhancement (ITE QAE)          
Member of Academic Standards and Quality Enhancement Committee          
Member of Institute Senior Leadership Team (SLT)    
Institute Leader for DBS

2014 – 2018 Chair of Institute Quality Committee       
2014 – 2017 Member of University Safeguarding Committee      
2014 -  2017 Member of Academic Partnership Committee (previously EPPSC)
2014 – 2016 Member of Audit Review Committee
2014 – 2015 Assessment Only Primary Co-ordinator
2012 – 2014 Assessment Only Manager (Primary & Secondary)
2012             Acting Head of Primary Strategic Partnership
2011 – 2014 Member of Academic Board
2011             Primary Partnership Manager
2006 – 2011 Course Leader of Primary and Secondary Graduate Teacher Programme (GTP)
2004 – 2012 Senior Lecturer in Primary Initial Teacher Education

Catriona is Deputy Head of the Institute of Education responsible for effective quality management and enhancement procedures and contributes to cross-institutional quality enhancement.

She plays a key strategic and senior role within the institute and is accountable for quality, curriculum, learning and teaching, academic partnerships, the Institute’s TEF agenda and Ofsted inspections.

She is chair of the Institute’s Ofsted Monitoring Group and quality assures the EYITT, Primary ITT, Secondary ITT and PCE programmes.

She has oversight of work-based learning and DBS within the institute. Catriona is the key contact within the institute related to student surveys including the NSS.

Within her quality role, Catriona has developed institution wide policies, procedures and practices for example those associated with post-graduate marking and course closure, suspension and substantial change following national CMA studies. 

Catriona has led the Institute’s diversification strategy leading to innovative course development in order to ensure a transformative student experience.

Since joining the university, Catriona has held a variety of leadership positions including the very successful management of the Graduate Teacher Programme which was awarded Grade 1 by Ofsted in 2010.

Catriona also effectively led the Assessment Only Route (AOR) into teaching and chaired the UCET AOR committee. More recently Catriona has developed the University Diploma in Private Tutoring.

Additionally, Catriona contributes to teaching on the PG Certificate in Learning and Teaching in Higher Education sharing her knowledge and understanding of quality and pedagogy across the university.

She has delivered a range of staff development workshops to include preparing staff in becoming external examiners, the use of social media to enhance learning and teaching within the higher education sector and policy related developments.

Prior to joining the University of Worcester, Catriona was an Assistant Head Teacher, Acting Deputy Head Teacher and class teacher within the primary school sector. Her subject specialisms were music and mathematics and she coordinated these whilst in school.

In addition, Catriona has been a Key Stage 2 coordinator, coordinated ICT, PE & DT and led on assessment practice.

Catriona secured a Leading Aspect Award for raising awareness of racial equality and cultural diversity in a local primary school whilst Assistant Head at a local primary school.

Catriona’s doctoral thesis focusses on Teach First, class and meritocracy.


Currently studying for an EdD in Learning, Leadership and Policy (LLP) at the University of Bristol
MA in Education
PG Cert in Teaching and Learning in Higher Education
Cert in Mathematics (Open)
B.A. Ed (Hons) In-service with QTS

Teaching & Research

Teaching & Research

Teaching interests
University Diploma in Private Tutoring                   
PG certificate in Learning and Teaching in Higher Education (PG Cert)            
Pedagogy and management (PGCE)

Research Interests
Learning, leadership, & policy
Teacher Education        
Mentoring and coaching        

Professional Bodies

Professional Bodies

2014 – 2016: Fellow of College of Teachers (FCollT)

2014 – 2016: British Association for the Study and Prevention of Child Abuse and Neglect (BAPSCAN)

2013 – 2016: British Educational Leadership Management and Administration Society (BELMAS)

2013 – Present: National College for Teaching and Leadership (NCTL)

2012 – Present: British Educational Research Association (BERA)

2012 – Present: National College for School Leadership (NCSL)

2011 – Present: Fellow of Higher Education Academy (FHEA)

2011 – 2015: Association for Teacher Education in Europe (ATEE)

2007 – 2015: National Centre of Excellent Teachers of Mathematics (NCETM)

2006 – 2010: European Teacher Education Network (ETEN)

2005 – 2015: Association of Teachers of Mathematics (ATM)

2004 – Present: Universities’ Council for the Education of Teachers

2004 – 2012: West Midlands tutor network for ITT mathematics



Refereed Journals

Bowen-Jones, W., Greer, S., Lawson, S., Nisbet, C., Robinson, C., and Scott, H., (2018) An Institutional Review of the Course Leader Role. HEIR Network, Number 9, June 2018.

Bingle, B., Howard, C., Kington, K., & Robinson, C., (2017) Tales for the Watershed: Using repertory grids in the study of teachers’ mid-career identity. In D.A. Winter, P. Cummins, H. Procter, and N. Reed, (eds.) (2017). Personal Construct Psychology at 60: Past, Present and Future. Newcastle upon Tyne: Cambridge Scholars Press.       

Hughes, S., Bingle, B., Crabtree, H., Irving, S., Perrigo, A., Robinson, C., Stanton, J., Watson, R., and Whittenbury, J., (2011) Mentoring and Coaching Stories – the Learning Journeys of Lecturers Undertaking Post Graduate Study in Mentoring and Coaching.Worcester Journal of Learning and Teaching (6).

Kelly-Freer, T., and Robinson, C., (2006) Design and Technology: Current Themes and Trends in Primary Education. JETEN, 2 (1), pp. 29 - 42


Robinson, C., Bingle, B., & Howard, C., (2016) Surviving and Thriving as a Primary NQT. Northwich, Critical Publishing.

Robinson, C., Bingle, B., & Howard, C., (2015) Your Primary School-based Experience: A Guide to Outstanding Placements 2nd ed. Northwich, Critical Publishing.

Robinson, C., Bingle, B., & Howard, C., (2013) Primary School Placements: a critical guide to outstanding teaching. Northwich, Critical Publishing.                  

Conference Presentations

Robinson, C., & Barber, L., (2018) Developing a Tool for Observations in Higher Education Teaching: Can one size fit all? EduLearn18, Palma, June.

Bowen-Jones, W., & Robinson, C., (2016) Course Leader Role: Implementation of Enhanced Practices and Enabling Systems of Support. Twenty Third Learning Conference, University of British Columbia, Vancouver, Canada, July.      

Bowen-Jones, W., & Robinson, C., (2016) Progress Update on the First Phase of UW Course Leader Project. University of Worcester Learning and Teaching Conference, June.       

Robinson, C., Pykitt, G., Schafer, I., & Spink, E., (2015) Qualified Teacher Status (QTS) Through the Assessment Only Route (AOR): Career trajectories and opportunities for Assessment Only teachers. UCET, Birmingham, November.

Robinson, C., (2015) The Power of Actors in the Teach First System Amongst School Leaders and Teach First Teachers: The ‘will’ to implement Teach First policy through a mixed methods study. University of Worcester Post-graduate Conference, October.

Kington, K.,  Bingle, B., Howard, C., & Robinson, C., (2015) Tales from the Watershed: Developing Identities of Mid-Career Primary School Teachers. XXIst International Congress on Personal Construct Psychology “PCP at 60: Past, Present & Future.” Hatfield, July.

Schafer, I., and Robinson, C., (2014) Is it possible to Reconcile Relationships and Quality Assurance in the Assessment Only Route? TEAN and HEA Conference, Birmingham.

Robinson, C., (2014) Directive versus Creative, Intervention versus Facilitation: answering the pedagogical rubric to effective primary mathematics teaching. British Congress of Mathematics, Nottingham.

Robinson, C., and Schafer, I., (2013) Assuring the quality of the Assessment Only Route: a provider’s perspective. UCET Conference Burton-upon-Trent, November.

Flint, D., and Robinson, C., (2010) Improving the annual ITE SED - some thoughts on process and product. TDA/OFSTED Conference London, February.

Robinson, C., (2009) A Recipe for Effective Mentoring and Coaching of Primary Graduate Teacher Trainees. UCET, Leicestershire, November.

Robinson, C., & Kelly-Freer, T., (2008) The Sound of Music. ETEN, Liverpool Hope University.

Kelly-Freer, T., & Robinson, C., (2006) Trends and Initiatives in Technology. ETEN, Leiden Netherlands.

Research and project grants

Principal investigator
2009 – 2011 E-learning research grant: Development of control technology in Initial Teacher Training (EBITT)

2016 Course Leaders University Project. 

2014 – 2016 Tales from the Watershed: Developing Identities of Mid-career Primary School Teachers

2011 – 2013 Advisor for e-learning research grant: Using ICT to support Music Education

Staff Development Presentations

Robinson, C., & Whitehouse, K., (2018) New to External Examining. University of Worcester, 22nd May.

Robinson, C., (2018) Understanding the UW ‘Education and Teaching’ subject metrics. UW Institute of Education, 20th April.

Robinson, C., (2018) The Quality of Learning and Teaching. UW Institute of Education, 4th September.

Robinson, C., & Whitehouse, K., (2018) The role of, and how to become an external examiner. University of Worcester, 16th and 29th January.

Robinson, C., & Stowell, M., (2018) External Examiner Induction: A year in the life of… University of Worcester, 4th January.

Robinson, C., (2017) Writing the AER: Using data effectively and evaluative approaches. UW HE Managers Forum, 7th June.

Stowell, M., Robinson, C., & Zandbeek, J., (2017) Mapping Learning Outcomes & Setting Standards: A Practical Workshop. University of Worcester, 16th February.

Robinson, C., (2017) ISES Introduction to Learning Gain. University of Worcester, 10th January.

Robinson, C., (2016) IoE Introduction to Learning Gain. University of Worcester, 22nd November.       

Robinson, C., (2016) Transition from percentage marking to grades for post graduate assessments under the Taught Course Regulatory Framework. University of Worcester, June – July.

Robinson, C., (2016) EYITT and Ofsted. University of Worcester. 13th May.

Robinson, C., (2016) Preparing for the Teacher Excellence Framework. University of Worcester. 22nd April.

Robinson, C., (2015) Priorities for Quality. University of Worcester. 4th September.       

Robinson, C., (2015) Students at the Heart of IoE Provision. University of Worcester. 12th March.

Robinson, C., (2014) DBS: An update for staff. University of Worcester. 28th April.

Robinson C., & Richards C., (2013) ‘Safeguarding’ the future business of IoE. University of Worcester. 3rd September.

Robinson, C., & Johnson, T., (2013) Embedding Learning Technologies into Practice. University of Worcester. 11th May.

Robinson, C., & Scott, I., (2013) Becoming an External Examiner. University of Worcester. 29th January.

Robinson, C., (2012) Improving the Student Experience through Enhanced Employability Opportunities. 26th October.

Robinson, C., (2012) Roles and Nature of a Course Leader. University of Worcester. 23rd October.

Robinson, C., (2012) Creative & Innovative External Practice. University of Worcester. 6th July.

Robinson, C., (2011) Roles and Nature of a Course Leader. University of Worcester. 22nd October.

Robinson, C., (2011) Data, trends and the Self Evaluation Document (SED): transforming Annual Evaluation Reports (AERs). University of Worcester. 24th June.

Robinson, C., (2011) ‘Opening Pandora’s Box?’: Using social networking to enhance teaching, learning and more. University of Worcester. 8th September.

Robinson, C., (2011) Using Statistical Data in the SED (Self-Evaluation Document) to Monitor Progress; investigate trends and identify future developments. 24th June.

External Responsibilities

External Responsibilities

External Committees/Forums
2016 – present: Universities’ Council for the Education of Teachers (UCET) (Management Committee)
2016: Chair of Inside Government: The Changing Role of Local Authorities, Manchester.
2013-2017: Chair of UCET Assessment Only Route Committee
2009 – 2012: Vice-chair of TDA Quality and Inspection ITT Midlands 1 Regional Network

Editorial Boards and Reviewing
2018: Special Validation External Panel Member for MA/MFA Professional Voice Studies and MA Drama Writing Event with Bristol Old Vic Theatre School (BOVTS). UWE Faculties of Arts, Creative Industries and Education.
2017: Curriculum Approval Panel Reviewer. UWE Faculties of Arts, Creative Industries and Education  
2015 – 2018: Reviewer for Universal Journal of Education Research
2014: Reviewer for British Association for the Study and Prevention of Child Abuse and Neglect (BASPCAN)
2013: Reviewer for Management in Education (MiE)
2013: Reviewer for Educational Management Administration & Leadership (EMAL)
2013: Reviewer for BERA
2013: Higher Education Academy (HEA) reviewer for Collaborative Teaching Development Grants for flexible learning or assessment and feedback (£60,000)
2012: Higher Education Academy (HEA) reviewer for Individual Teaching Development Grants for enhancing student experience (£7,000)
2011: Higher Education Academy (HEA) reviewer for Teaching Development Grants (TDG) in internationalisation and employability (£30,000)

External Examining
2013 – 2016: External examiner for Institute of Education (London) Primary PGCE
2013 – 2016: External examiner for Goldsmiths Primary PGCE
2010 – 2013: External examiner for Bishop Grosseteste University College Lincoln Primary GTP and PGCE
2010 – 2012: External examiner for STORM Primary GTP
2006 – 2011: External examiner for University of Brighton Primary GTP

External advisor
2014 – Present: Expert advisor to Education Social Research Council (ESRC) Data Network Approvals Panel
2013 External panel member for University of Cumbria School Direct Valediction & course approval
2012 External panel member for University of Bedfordshire Thames Primary SCITT Consortium course review
2012 External panel member for University of Bedfordshire Chiltern Training Group Secondary SCITT Course review and course approval

Other External Responsibilities
2011 - Present: CEOP Ambassador (Child Exploitation and Online Protection)
2009 – 2016: STEM Ambassador (Mathematics)
2008 – 2015: Primary School Governor (Mathematics) & Chair of Learning and Teaching Committee