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Cathy Slim

Lecturer in Animation

Institute of Humanities

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tel: 01905 855287

Animation is perhaps generally perceived as a vehicle for humour and associated with cartoon imagery. Yet there is also a rich variety of alternative work that is painterly and fact-based, exploring diverse subjects from synaesthesia to electromagnetic waves, autism to Heisenberg's uncertainty principle.


Cathy Slim has recently joined Animation at Worcester. Formerly, she taught at Plymouth College of Art (2007-2012) and the University of Wolverhampton (1995-2007). Before working in Higher Education, she gained her MA Animation from the Royal College of Art  and ran community animation workshops. As a student, Cathy fell in love with animating when she experienced the magic of drawings moving. Initially, she worked with film and paper drawn sequences, subsequently incorporating live action and some computer animation. Her current work is produced digitally, although still through drawing, using a tablet and digital tools that simulate paint and more traditional drawing materials. 

Teaching & Research

Teaching & Research


Cathy's teaching interests span: the technical aspects of 2D animation in 16mm film: drawing; 2-D software (Flash, Toon Boom, After Effects, Premiere); 3-D stop motion; ideas development; storyboarding; narrative and non-narrative film structure; direction; art and animation history, and specifically experimental and non-fiction animation; career development.

At Worcester, Cathy currently teaches second year students studying ANIM 2000 - 2D Digital Animation. In this module, students focus on generating experimental pre-production material.

She is in the process of developing a new module focusing on experimental work that will aim to encourage students to engage with new purposes and applications, as well as visual expression and technical approaches.


Through her experience of teaching and watching many films, Cathy's practice-as-research has gradually shifted away from narrative approaches. Having encountered Brechtian theory, she came to feel that her creative aims had more in common with Brecht that with Aristotelian principles of catharsis and sentiment. She has become increasingly interested in communicating fact creatively. Her previous work has explored autobiographical and biographical experiences, told through subjective interpretation and metaphor. She is now investigating how metaphor and symbolism can heighten and aid understanding of a fact. 

Cathy delivered a research paper, last year, on 'The Power of Artificiality in Documentary Animation' at the Animated Realities conference, hosted by the Edinburgh Film Festival.



PGCE - in progress

MA Animation - Royal College of Art, 1993

BA Animation and Illustration - Humberside College of Visual Communication, 1989



2012 Current projects on Consciousness and Addiction (pre-production development stage)

2000 Accident (hand-drawn), funded by First Cut and presented Edinburgh International Film Festival, 2001

1993 Out-Side In Royal College of Art graduate film (live action, hand-drawn and computer generated) sold to Channel 4 and runner up in BFI Mari Kutner Awards

1992 Sound Asleep (hand-drawn) sold to Liquid TV

1990 Rush Hour funded by West Midlands Arts, sold to Channel 4 and exhibited Whitechapel Gallery, London

1989  Transient Vision (hand-drawn), produced as a student and Runner Up, Benson Hedges Awards