Business Students Juggle Studies with Opening New Sushi Bar in Worcester

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Two international business students from the University of Worcester are juggling their studies with setting up their own business in the City.

Double Sushi in the Cornmarket is a brand new sushi takeaway set up by Lithuanian students Kristijonas Gedvilas and Kornelija Guzaite.

Both are in the second year of a business degree at the University and decided to put the skills they were learning in to practice.

“We wanted to actually do something with the knowledge that we have and decided that this would be a great opportunity,” said 19-year-old Kristijonas. “We noticed that there was no sushi bar in Worcester at all. In Western Europe sushi is very popular, as it is in many other parts of the UK and we wanted to bring that to Worcester. We hope people will find that the look and feel of our establishment is very high quality as, of course, is the food.”

The couple put forward a business plan to their parents, both of whom run successful businesses in Lithuania, and secured the investment to set up the takeaway.

“The University has been very flexible and supportive also,” said Kristijonas. “It has not been an easy process; we were not taken very seriously at first. But we have got there and now we are really starting to make an impact.”

Double Sushi opened on December 2 and is attracting new and returning customers every day. It serves European sushi, with a twist, introducing new ingredients such as duck and chicken for those less keen on the fish options.

Twenty-year-old Kornelija under went six months training from a top sushi chef to prepare the food.

“We are planning to employ more staff to help so we can concentrate on our studies,” said Kristijonas. “It’s quite difficult trying to establish a new business while studying, but we have thrown ourselves in to it completely. We don’t go out to clubs or pubs, we are very focussed on what we want.”

In the future, the pair hope to be able to open more sushi bars and are already setting their sights on new locations.

Mark Richardson, Head of Worcester Business School, said: “It is inspiring to see two young people with the drive and determination to start their own business. It’s certainly not an easy thing to do, particularly while still studying, but we will give them all the support we can to make it a success.

“Encouraging our graduates to go out and make an impact in the business world is what we are all about, and it is positive to see Kristijonas and Kornelija doing so well.”

For more information about Double Sushi visit or call 01905 20410.