Budding Teacher Awarded Scholarship to Volunteer in Peru

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A Romanian teaching student at the University of Worcester is flying to Cusco, Peru, to teach local students and organise educational games and activities.

Roxandra-Maria Crisan, who is in the second year of an Education Studies course at the University, has received £750 from the University’s Scholarship Panel to help fund the trip.

Leaving in mid-July, the budding teacher will spend four weeks volunteering for the Peru-Cusco English programme, run by International Volunteering HQ.

During her time in Peru, she will work in local schools, community centres and shelters for street children. Through the programme she will be able to gain experience in setting up small workshops, assisting local teachers and teaching local students.

Roxandra, who is 20 years old and from Timisoara, Romania, said: “I am really grateful that the University understands what this project means to me. Receiving the scholarship increased my self-esteem, made me feel more secure and confident, and taught me the importance of being self-motivated to a level when you set a goal and you cannot achieve it on your own. This scholarship is a big step towards making my dream come true.”

During her studies at the University, she has spent time teaching Spanish and French in two Primary Schools in Gloucester and Droitwich.

She added: “Going to Peru means a lot to me because I believe that anyone can change the world. I have travelled around Europe and I have seen a variety of educational systems. Since I was a child, I knew I wanted to be a teacher and I feel that I have a duty – to teach and help every single child. Being a teacher is a lovely experience, which in Peruvian context will also be a life-changing one and I am prepared to teach, learn and change.”

Students can apply to the scholarship scheme at two points in the year (1st December and 1st March) for up to £1,000 towards voluntary work or activities, to pursue a particular interest, ie music or arts, or towards course-related activities.

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