Animation Students Secure Jobs with Major Production Company

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Two Animation students from the University of Worcester have secured jobs with a major production company.

Rajnita Halaith and Alek Kolev have been snapped up by Off the Fence Productions, award-winning producer of factual television and digital cinema content, which is broadcast worldwide for a wide range of international broadcasters including History Channel, MTV, BBC, Channel 4, MSNBC, PBS, National Geographic Channel, Discovery and The Weather Channel.

Based on the quality of their work, Jayne Edwards, Head of Development, at Off the Fence, decided to give both Alek and Rajnita an entry-level post in creating digital elements, VFX and content graphics.

They will be based at the firm’s Bristol office and will work on a series of short animations for a Science Documentary series.

Rajnita, 21 from Wolverhampton, who has achieved a First Class Honours in her degree, said: “Jaime Pardo, one of the Animation tutors at university, put us in touch with Jayne Edwards from Off the Fence. We were then called in for interviews. During the interview, they explained the type of project I would be working on and asked how I would approach it, I also showed them some of my work and explained the processes I went through and linked it to the processes I would go through for their project."

The pair’s contract is initially for three months with the potential for a one year contract.

“I am so happy to have got this job but we will be the only animators in-house working on this project, and having just finished uni I'm not entirely sure what to expect,” Rajnita said. “It’s good to know that Alek will also be working on the project as we worked together for a lot of our animation work during the final year of uni; having someone familiar there will make it less scary when I start.”

Alek, 22, from Varna in Bulgaria, added: “I am very happy about the job and a bit scared as it is my first job in the animation industry. In the future I want to develop myself as an animator and artist. I hope that I will get to work on my own projects and I also want to do a Masters at some point.

“The University of Worcester helped me develop myself as an individual. It taught me how to succeed and how to be professional in my projects. My tutors helped me develop my techniques and they have always given me good feedback on my projects and I think this really helped me push myself. The University prepared me for the real world and introduced me to so many talented people. I am happy that I studied here.”