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Alan Brown

Senior Lecturer in Education Studies/Primary Education

Institute of Education

Contact Details


tel: 01905 855076

I have always enjoyed being a teacher and appreciate working in a team. I started teaching in secondary schools then went into Higher Education before becoming a senior education officer for the Church of England. I was President of the Intereuropean Commission on Church and School for six years organising and running conferences across Europe before arriving in Worcester. I have also worked as an A level examiner in Religious Ethics and as a part-time adviser to the Worcestershire Local Authority. I trained Church of England inspectors for 10 years and have inspected over 6oo CofE schools. So I am a bit of a magpie!

I enjoy working as part of a team, as teachers have to be sociable and co-operative people



M. Phil 1968 Leeds University
B.A. (2.1) Theology 1965 Leeds University 

Teaching & Research

Teaching & Research

Teaching Interests

Religious Education,

Values Education,

Spiritual and Moral Development,

Cross-curricular teaching.

Professional Bodies

Professional Bodies

The Shap Working Party on World Religions in Education; Association of RE Advisers. Inspectors and Consultants.



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External Responsibilities

External Responsibilities

RE Adviser to Worcester LA 2006-1012

External Examiner for a number of universities over the last 10 years

Production of new Agreed RE Syllabus for Worcestershire 2010

Completed Project on the teaching of Christianity in schools 2009

Editor of The Annual Journal of the SHAP Working Party on World Religions in Education