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Advanced Practice in Delivering Person-Centred Dementia Care

Implementing the FITS into Practice (Focussed Intervention Training and Support) programme in care settings for people with dementia, complex needs and distressed behaviour.

The University of Worcester is now running the first module to train professionals to deliver the FITS (Focused Intervention Training and Support) programme which is a proven way of effectively supporting staff in care settings to deliver psycho-social care in response to complex needs and behaviours. It has a strong evidence base demonstrating that effective person-centred care can reduce the prescribing of anti-psychotic medications for people living with dementia. 

This masters level module will equip participants to organise, prepare, deliver and critically review the teaching and supervision elements of the FITS into Practice programme in care settings. Course participants must have significant experience of delivering training, education and professional development and be in a position to deliver training and support to staff working in health and care organisations. 

The module will prepare participants to: 

  • Deliver the training and support components of the FITS into Practice programme within health and care organisations
  • Apply the structured recruitment process for participation, to ensure successful implementation
  • Understand common barriers and facilitators of implementation and how to work with these to maximise success. 

This double 40 credit module will take place over an academic year to enable participants to deliver a FITS into Practice course as part of their learning. It will take a blended learning approach, including 9 days face to face teaching at Worcester over the year. However, the majority of learning will be work based with support from the tutors. 

This module is an optional module within the MSc Advancing Practice.

What students say about the course

“Excellent tutor – incredibly supportive and knowledgeable. Peer support + engaging with others of a similar mind set.” 

“Well organised course with great facilitators. Pleased to have attended a programme that fills the research practice gap.”

What students say about using their learning in their care organisations

“I have been delighted to see such a change in the first group that I have taught and supervised. When they came to the information day prior to starting the programme they were reserved, anxious and very quiet. Last week we completed block 4 and it was wonderful to see the difference - a whole room of animated, confident and motivated people who have already been able to put some of their learning into practice.”

“I have really enjoyed the course and it can only benefit the people we support. The FITS programme pushes the boundaries of person centred care and really embeds in the ethos of the home. Culture change is hard but with evidence provided from the FITS programme it shows that we maintain dignity and value the people we support by using pro-active techniques and see the person not the disability.”

How to apply

If you have any questions, please take a look at the frequently asked questions produced for the module. This also explains how to apply. If you cannot find what you are looking for, please contact us at

Although the course commences each year in the autumn, you are welcome to put in your application at any time of the year. Applications should be made more than four weeks before the first date of the course. Please see the flyer for planned dates.

Course dates

The course runs in three blocks of three days. This module is expected to run once a year. 

Between these dates there will be online learning and reading. 

Please see the flyer for planned dates and times.       

For more information

If you would like to discuss your training requirements or have any questions please contact us at: or telephone us on 01905 542531.


From Abstract Research to Frontline Practice - film of University of Worcester Research Seminar on 12 December 2018

The impact of focused intervention, training and support (FITS) programme in care services for people with dementia, complex needs and distressed behaviour.