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Dr Adrian Holliday

Lecturer in Sport & Exercise Science

Institute of Sport & Exercise Science

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tel: 01905 542698

Dr Adrian Holliday joined the University of Worcester as Lecturer in Sport and Exercise Science in 2014. This came after a 9 year stint at The University of Birmingham, where Adrian completed his BSc in Sport and Exercise Science; achieved his PhD, entitled ''Measuring the effect of exercise on appetite, food intake and appetite-associated hormones''; and undertook a Post-Doctoral Research Fellowship. Adrian's academic interests lie in the exercise metabolism and health sphere. Having focussed primarily on the role of exercise in appetite regulation and energy balance, he is passionate about the benefits of physical activity for metabolic health and weight-management.

Alongside his research, Adrian has worked in a consultancy role with a number of elite, International endurance athletes and coaches within the West Midlands, advising on good nutritional practice. This fuelled an interest in nutritional interventions to support and optimise sports performance, recovery and adaptations to training.

Away from his work life Adrian has a life-long passion for endurance running, having represented England at youth and junior level. After an early, devastating realisation that he was never going to be good enough to play for Manchester City, Adrian has contented himself with following City over land and sea, while also following a personal crusade to witness as many live major sporting events as possible within his lifetime.

PhD - 'Measuring the effect of exercise on appetite, food intake and exercise - associated hormones' (University of Birmingham)
BSc - Sport and Exercise Science (University of Birmingham)

Teaching & Research

Teaching & Research

Teaching Interests
Adrian's teaching focus is the role of physical activity and nutrition in metabolism, health and human performance. He currently teaches on the following undergraduate degree programme mdoules:

Foundations of Human Movement
Fundamentals of Sport and Exercise Sciences
Scientific Principles of Movement in PE
Sociocultural Studies in Sport, Physical Activity and Exercise
The Research Process

Research Interests
Adrian's primary research interests lie in the role of physical activity and nutrition in appetite regulation, weight management and metabolic health. Having studied the acute effects of exercise on the hormonal regulation of appetite, Adrian is currently pursuing an interest in the regulatory effects of different food and drink products, and how these products are consumed, on appetite and food intake.

Adrian is also now investigating how variations in the delivery of physical activity programmes can influence metabolic health, the promotion of weight - loss and long- term appetite regulation.

Professional Bodies

Professional Bodies



Journal Articles
Holliday, A
., Batey, C., Eves, F.F., & Blannin, A.K. (2014). A novel tool to predict food intake: The Visual Meal Creator. Appetite 79, 68-75

Holliday, A., & Blannin, A.K. (2014). Matching Energy Intake and Energy Expenditure after Isoenergetic Moderate- and High-intensity Exercise. Physiology and Behavior 130, 120-126

Book Chapter
Holliday, A.
& Jeukendrup, A.E. (2012). The metabolic adaptations to endurance training. In I. Mujika (Ed.), Endurance Training – Science and Practice (pp. 141-152). Vitoria-Gasteiz, Basque Country: Iñigo Mujika S.L.U. ISBN 978-84-939970-0-7

Conference Presentations
American College of Sports Medicine Annual Meeting, 2011, Denver
“The effect of exercise intensity of subjective appetite, food intake and satiety peptides in highly-trained male endurance athletes” (Oral presentation)

University of Birmingham Treatment of Obesity Conference, 2012 “Matching Energy Intake and Energy Expenditure after Isoenergetic Moderate- and High-intensity Exercise” (Oral presentation)

European College of Sport Science Congress, 2013, Barcelona “Matching Energy Intake and Energy Expenditure after Isoenergetic Moderate- and High-intensity Exercise”

External Responsibilities

External Responsibilities