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Aaron Jarvis at Vodafone

Aaron Jarvis at Vodafone

Whilst studying Business, Leadership & Management at the University of Worcester I was lucky enough to secure a year’s work placement at Worcester Bosch in their ICO department which taught me a great deal about working in a process based organisation. I gained experience managing my time and priorities as well as working within the priorities of my various projects stakeholders.

The global nature of the Bosch group gave me experience of the various elements of working internationally in a large company; such as cross charging, communication barriers and varying internal priorities.

These experiences helped me greatly to secure my role on the Vodafone Global Enterprise Discover Graduate Scheme as I was able to demonstrate throughout the recruitment process that I would be confident in such an environment. I was able to give real world examples of working internationally, across departments and independently as well as being able to point out areas where I had helped to improve the day to day operations of the department within which I was placed.

My role at Vodafone Group begins with a 2 year graduate programme made up of two 6 month placements and a yearlong placement in various departments around the business. Vodafone Group deal exclusively with “Business to Business” customers; I am coming to the end of my first 6 months which have been within Machine to Machine Product Management. This has been a great start to my career as Vodafone are the global market leader in the Machine to Machine sector as well as being one of the most valuable companies in the UK.

The team here have been extremely keen to support my development and have been extremely supportive in helping me experience as many elements of their area as possible within my short placement as well as identifying areas that may suit my skills and interests for my next placement.

Virtually all of my Graduate colleagues have completed an internship during their degree or had taken a few years after their degree to gain voluntary work experience so I would definitely recommend taking advantage of the business schools offer to partake in a placement year. I certainly would not have secured this job without it.