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Stoke Festival of Leadership and Learning

More than 150 school leaders came together to share their own journeys and be inspired by those around them.

The festival of leadership and learning was organised by the University of Worcester in partnership with Stoke-on-Trent Learning Services.

As well as showcasing the work of the collaborative networks, it gave school leaders a chance to hear speakers from other parts of the country. Tom Whittingham and Floyd Woodrow were keynote speakers at the event.

Among the guests for this very powerful day of collaboration and celebration were Pank Patel, the Regional Schools Commissioner, and Tristram Hunt MP besides key members of the Local Authority.

Comments from attendees

"The University of Worcester has had significant impact on our work"

"An inspirational day"

"Inspiring, wonderful to be a part of these developments"

"Continues our journey in effective collaboration"


96% of attendees rated the Festival as good or better, with 80% rating it as excellent.

95% of attendees felt there was good or better potential that they would be able to apply the learning from the day, with 65% evaluating the potential as excellent.