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Academic Modules and Courses - Dementia Education and Development for Individuals

Academic modules and courses

The Association for Dementia Studies offers a number of university courses and modules with a dementia focus at different academic levels. Some of our university modules are also available for you to attend as a workshop, please see the relevant titles below for more information. This information can usually be found in the frequently asked questions.

Level 6 (Degree level)

There are currently two dementia care modules offered at Level 6. These are aimed at:

Both courses will be taught in 2 blocks of 3 days in Worcester, giving a total of 6 days taught content and a written assignment.†

You can attend these courses without completing the assignment and receive a certificate of attendance.

Level 7 (Masters level)

ADS is currently redeveloping and expanding the modules that are offered at Level 7.

Modules can be taken as stand-alone, as part of a postgraduate award or as part of a Masterís programme.†

You can attend some modules without completing the assignment and receive a certificate of attendance. Please click on each link for more details or look at the brochure

University credit for attending an ADS course (Negotiated Learning)

If you attend one of our courses through your employer, you may be able to complete some independent study and an assignment to gain university credits which can be used towards a degree or masters. This is known as Negotiated Learning and will be introduced to you near the start of your course so that you can consider whether you would like to do this. For more information please see our information sheet.