Entrepreneur and Author Talks to Worcester Students About Business Start Up

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A successful entrepreneur and author visited the University of Worcester to talk to students about starting their own businesses.

Robin Bennett, author of Start-up Smart, wanted to prove to the students that business start ups do not necessarily have to involve large expensive bank loans, just good planning and sensible cash flow management.

Around 100 students from across the University’s subject areas attended to hear what Robin had to say. Many of the students that attended were either in the process of starting their own businesses, had business ideas they wanted to explore, or were interested in small business start up for the future.

Robin Bennett founded the Bennett Group in 1992 shortly after graduating from London University with a degree in Modern Languages. As a typical penniless graduate Robin’s entry into the business world was one that was based around the very small sources of finance that were available to him. Robin relied on his sensible business planning, and by working with the limited resources he had available, has since successfully developed multiple successful business all started from scratch.

The Bennett Group has grown steadily since, now operating in the UK, USA, France, Germany, Hong Kong and Australia, and has never resorted to large-scale or irresponsible borrowing. Robin provided the students with an informative and amusing story of his own ventures into business, explaining how he set up his many different companies and the lessons and insights he has learnt in the process.

After his talk Robin answered a variety of questions from the students, and discussed with them their own business ideas and how they could best prepare themselves with the highest chances for success in the competitive business world.

Kieran Virr, a student who attended the talk, said: “Robin’s talk was excellent, I didn’t quite realise how possible, and ultimately sensible, it is to start small businesses successfully with just a small amount of investment rather than having to go to the bank for a large loan.

“The tips and ideas that Robin has shared have really inspired me with the confidence that being a successful entrepreneur is still a great opportunity in the business environment today, so long as sensible planning and a good common sense approach is taken to starting, and managing, your own business venture.”

Robin also signed some free copies of his book Start up Smart that were awarded to some of the lucky students that were first to sign up to the event.