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Rachel Miles at Worcester Bosch


HR Operations Intern - Bosch Thermotechnology Ltd

The placement year I undertook was a Bosch Thermotechnology Ltd. The division is made up of two sites, one in Worcester and one in Clay Cross, I was based in Worcester. Bosch Thermotechnology Ltd. is also known as Worcester Bosch. Worcester Bosch is a division of Bosch and is the current leading manufacturer in the market for heating and hot water solutions. It currently has 1600 employees over the two sites from both manufacturing and commercial areas.

I am currently studying Business Management. In my second year I took a HR module which led me take a placement year in HR. The reason for taking a placement year was to give myself relevant experience that I can apply in the working world when I graduate; there are also many other students who take a placement year and in order to keep myself as a competitive candidate in the job market I need to get as much experience as possible.

At Worcester Bosch I was the Human Resources Operations Intern. My role covered a variety of responsibilities e.g. witting contracts and change of employment letters, get contract paperwork sent out and keep a track of new starters, I was responsible for ID checks to make sure they were eligible to work in the UK and DBS checks. I would keep track on probationary periods and make sure these were completed by Managers.

In the office, I was the only employee with access to edit our website to advertise vacancies which meant I regularly updated this and created/edited adverts. I would organise meetings/ interviews and make sure the process for employing a person went smoothly and without delay; I would often liaise with recruitment agencies to get candidates in if our means of advertising was not proving successful.

Myself and another placement student ran the process for the intake of the next year of placement students and liaised with managers, directors and Universities to fill these positions – there were 77 positions in total and it took a lot of organisation to keep on top. Often, I would attend recruitment events or run open days at our site to promote our opportunities.
I was also involved in the Field Service Engineer Apprentice recruitment organisation and the assessment days for these. A fair portion of my time would be advising Managers on processes they were unsure of and what next steps would be and if I was able to support them.

Other aspects of my job included attending seminars on HR updates/vacancy advertising and attending meetings and providing my input.

Before starting my placement, I did not have much experience of having multiple short deadlines. This happened throughout my placement especially once intern recruitment began. This was quite challenging and it was difficult to prioritise when the workload was high however I did manage and this got easier over time. I was able to meet the majority of deadlines and on the odd occasion I couldn’t I learnt to discuss this the HR Business Partners.

I was able to work in a team well, this really developed over intern recruitment when working with one of the other placement student on this. I made sure to understand her side of the intern recruitment for when she was not in the office so that I was still able to advise Managers how recruitment was going and what next steps were, she also did the same for me. 

I also developed my communication skills although I have now realised I need to speak with more confidence. I have learnt how to communicate in a business environment with business acumen and I am able to speak with agencies, managers, directors, colleagues quite easily.

The main achievement for myself was to fill all the intern roles that I was supporting on before I left as this had not happened the previous year, I achieved this in June, unfortunately an intern later resigned. It was also quite an achievement to propose improvements for the intern process as it has run the same for 7 years and now they are looking into taking on one of the proposals myself and the other HR intern put together. I am hoping that this will make the process easier for next year’s interns and managers.

I also gained knowledge on the day to day activities HR do and what the HR Business Partners can face. Although there was processes I was not involved in e.g. Disciplinary and Grievances I still believe I learnt some basic knowledge about them which I can apply in the future. 

Overall I had a positive experience on my placement and will use the knowledge I gained as a basis for my future career.