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Olivia Bullough at Park Plaza Westminster Bridge

Iíve recently as in yesterday finished my yearlong placement at the Park Plaza Westminster Bridge, itís been a crazy year and this post probably wonít do it justice but Iím going to try and compile a list of 5 things Iíve gained over the past year. Before I start I just want to say a massive thankyou to everybody Iíve met this year and Iím sure I will be back soon.

1. Experience-
This is pretty much a given from when you work anywhere, but when I started this year the only contact Iíd had with hotels was as a guest. I went into this year completely blind as too what I was letting myself for. The experience Iíve gained and the exposure Iíve had over the last 12 months has been phenomenal and has helped prepare me for future jobs.

2. Confidence-
Naturally when starting something new confidence comes with time and experience, much like learning to ride a bike this year definitely had its wobbly moments and even when youíve learnt to ride your bike you still fall off some times and you just need to get up and try again; this year has been the same Iíve had days where things havenít gone to plan but Iíve always come back stronger and learnt from those days.

3. Trust-
This oneís a bit of an odd one.
Firstly Iíve learnt to trust my own judgement and more importantly to take ownership of it, If I make a decision then I shouldnít need to justify myself. Secondly I also learnt to trust the people that I was working with and that itís ok to go and ask if I need help or if Iím unsure about something and that asking doesnít reflect poorly on my character.

4. Fun-
Along with all the stuff mentioned above this year has been a lot of fun! I had the chance to go to Thorpe Park, dress as an Easter Bunny, dress as an Elf, attend the Christmas party and even got nominated for passion player. Iíve taken this placement for all it had to offer and ceased every opportunity, but the most fun just happens on a daily basis whether it be down in the canteen or in the back office.

5. Friends-
This year it feels like Iíve gained a second family. Looking from the outside you might wonder how such a large hotel can have such a close team but the truth is working for ppwl is such a crazy experience the only people that understand it are our colleagues and that large hotel gets pretty small when youíre working there every day. The truth of the matter is that we are all a little bit crazy but we are all their for each other and love celebrating each otherís successes, I couldnít have wished for a better group of people to work with and a better person to live with because all in all everything else mentioned wouldnít have happened without them.