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Olly Wilcox at Resource Group

Marketing Intern - Resource Group†

My reason for taking a work based placement was clear when I started university, to educate myself on different roles and departments within a company to narrow down the type of roles that I will apply for when I finish my degree.

I was given this opportunity with Resource Group, who are primarily an aviation recruitment and training company that have offices globally, employing around 250 staff members. I was based in the head office in Worcester, within a small marketing team of 5 members and my role was as a marketing intern.

Working for resource group gave me an opportunity to learn a great deal about all aspects of a business from different types of marketing strategy to general business communications with internal and external contacts.

With the company being a small business I quickly learnt that I would be leasing with the majority of the staff with each section. Two of the most important skills I learnt whilst working were communication and professionalism. Being able to make subtle changes to your tone of voice or how you structure an email depending on whom I was commutating too was a great skill to have. With help from my team members I soon picked this up, which I think was especially shown at events such as staff gathering where I wasn't only restricted to my team but I also integrated with different departments and level of staff member. Having things such as staff parties meant I was able to build relationships with people on a different level, again improving my communication skills.

From my time with Resource I touching upon a wide range of actives but I quite quickly found what I had got a passion for. Graphic design work was something I really enjoy and felt that I was quite good at. Over time, showing my manager the skills I percussed in this area I soon was given more challenging and rewarding tasks.

During my time I redesigned our datasheets, I created a generic, easy editable social media template for the teams to post jobs with and was heaving involved with creating online advertising where I worked closely with the relevant directors to meet their needs. I had to improve on skills such as time management, meeting pacific needs and researching to really fulfill my requirement. I often got praise for my work, pushing the brand of the company in a direction they hadnít previously thought of, making their advertising more interesting and pleasing on the eye whilst still falling within the guidelines I had been set.

Doing this during my team with Resource Group strengthened my case that this was something I would want to be involved with after my degree and I felt that my hard work had paid off when Resource Group and a local design agency offered me a job when I finish my degree.

Overall, doing a placement year was time well spent and I feel have improved a great deal and found both strengths and weakness I need to improve on. It has given me a deeper understanding for business and a better idea of what role I would like to have after university.