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Matthew Rowe at IBM


International Business Machines Corporation (IBM), incorporated on June 16, 1911, is a technology company. The Company operates through five segments: Global Technology Services (GTS), Global Business Services (GBS), Software, Systems Hardware and Global Financing.

My line of business was GTS. The Company's GTS segment offers services, including strategic outsourcing, integrated technology services, cloud and technology support services (maintenance services). The Company's strategic outsourcing delivers information technology (IT) outsourcing services focused on clients' enterprise IT infrastructure environments. My role on the Aviva account was to ensure stable and true level of costs, with a drive to produce cost take outs, which developed throughout the year to take on board revenue analysis alongside cost and culminated in a 2 week stint as the Finance Lead for the account.

Cost Analysis
- Claim costs analysis. This included things such as; Claim period cost increases, FTE increases, overtime & standby analysis, new claimants authenticity check. Run rate vs   forecasted claim cost levels. Completed other claim activities such as work item creation. 
- Hardware Analysis. This included responsibilities such as; data centre/hardware report reconciliation, monthly asset depreciation charge analysis. 
- Balance Sheet analysis, I was responsible for ensuring the correct level of cost on the balance sheet at various milestone dates, making sure there was no exposure compared to revenue. 
- Forecasting. I set the monthly forecasts for claim cost, software, hardware, Depreciation, PO’s & rated services. 
- Running the month end procedure independently, ensuring the costs booked to the account are aligned correctly & chasing if not. 
- Accrual/Deferral process for PO’s. 

Other Key Responsibilities 
- Running and chairing weekly claim conference calls with the account leadership team. 
- Analysing consumption reports; actual volume vs baseline. 
- Attending PMR calls, reporting to sector. 
- Attending the client site at Dorking, representing IBM with the client. 

How did your skills Develop? 
My excel skills have developed form virtually non-existent to being described as having above-average excel skills compared to the average IBMer (Feedback from Task Manager). My communication skills were enhanced by hosting the weekly claim review with the account leadership team, pushing me out of my comfort zone to begin with. Teamwork skills were also developed by collaborating with various members of my team and others based abroad to get problems solved, such as a hardware mapping problem, having to team up with Slovakia-based employees. 

Other skills were developed such as forecasting, analytical, time management, initiative, leadership and confidence due to the nature of the role needing me to constantly call upon these. 

- Praise from Commercial Manager about being amongst the ‘Best of Breed’ of current interns after praise at sector level. 
- Being approached to take over the DEFRA role, which is considered one of the most challenging roles available to Ups. 
- Built reports and implemented management systems to focus on the key labour cost drivers and quick cost wins. 
- Completing various self-led & team based cost take outs throughout my placement and receiving praise for this. 
- Being told I will head up my own account/organisation one day, based on my performance. 
- Adding value to the Claim Exec Review process and leading the calls with account leadership team. Such as FTE levels, claim increases. 
- Covering the Finance Lead role for 2 weeks in July, at the accounts request. 

My achievements can also be summed up in the following diagram I created;