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Marc Edden at Worcester Bosch

My placement year working in Indirect Purchasing at Worcester Bosch has been a very positive experience and I would definitely recommend it to future students. Taking a year out and delaying your graduation by a year can be a big choice to make but I would say that the experiences you have and the skills you learn during placement year are extremely beneficially for students.

Having never worked in an office environment before I was very apprehensive in the weeks leading up to my first day of placement. I wasnít sure if I would fit in, whether I would know how to do any of the work, or whether I would spend a year making the tea and coffees. Lucky all my fears were unjustified. Iíve worked with a brilliant team with a vast array of backgrounds and personalities who have welcomed me. The work has been really useful challenging, there were plenty of things I could do straight away but other harder work as pushed me to learn new skills and ways of working, with help and support provided to grow my abilities. I have made my fair share of tea and coffee, but everyone else does too.

Bosch has been a brilliant company to work for as an intern. Iíve had chance to speak to people from a variety of departments and a variety of locations, regularly corresponding with people in London, Germany and India. Having such a large amount of interns in one company is really useful, Iíve made friends with people from across the country and thereís always someone you can speak to. If there is something I need to know from another department then I can ask the intern there for information or the contact details of someone senior.

Working in the Indirect Purchasing department has giving me great overview of the business structure and workings. I donít think there is an area of the business that doesnít work with Indirect Purchasing in some way. This means Iíve touched on the workings of the marketing department, or fleet management, as well as a multitude of other departments. Iíve been set work that means I need to go out and contact suppliers and ask them for information, conducting myself in a professional manner as Iím representing the business. Iíve had to evaluate data and represent it in a clear factual way that other people can easily understand and draw conclusions from.

I would recommend anyone thinking about taking a placement year to do one. The experiences and skills Iíve learnt whilst on my placement is something that I think will benefit me through my final year of university and when applying for jobs next year. In interviews I will be more confident because I now have examples of tasks Iíve completed or projects Iíve worked on which I can talk to potential employers about and show them how I could be a useful employee to them.