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Meeka Winter at Worcester Bosch

Worcester Bosch was originally known as just Worcester up until 1996 when Worcester became a part of the worldwide Bosch group. Worcester is a manufacturing company within the thermotecnology sector, providing heating and hot water systems for both domestic and commercial use across the globe and are the UK market leaders for domestic boilers. Being a part of the Bosch brand, Worcester pride themselves with putting quality at the forefront of all product designs. Commitment to continuously produce products of a high quality has led them to winning the Which Best Buy awards for four years running.†

Iím currently coming to the end of my placement with Worcester Bosch and believe it has definitely been a valuable experience. I am currently studying Business, Economics and Finance at the University of Worcester and would strongly advise all students of all courses to participate in a placement year during their studies. I initially choose to do a placement to give myself more advantages for future job applications however this placement year has given me a lot more than a reference to put on my CV.

During my 12 months at Worcester Bosch I worked as a Project Management Intern for the Floor Standing Technologies team. My main responsibilities was to assist the project leaders throughout the FB projects. This would include activities such as running pulse and project meetings, coordinating workshops and collating and distributing information to the team. My role involved using a lot of Microsoft office programs such as Microsoft excel and Microsoft Power point which would allow myself to complete tasks such as tracking ECRís and creating presentations to deliver in meetings and workshops. In addition to assisting the project leaders I was also assigned an intern project. The objective of the intern project was to introduce a component, we currently use on one model of boiler, as an accessory for another model. This involved working with other interns from different departments to get the part introduced. However, this project is incomplete due to failing to follow up on the actions as the project became overshadowed by activities of higher priority. It is unfortunate to that I did not continue and complete the intern project as I would have had the opportunity to experience the full process of introducing a component into the market and further developed my team coordination skills. However despite this I still gained lots of valuable experience during my placement at Bosch and it has definitely influenced my plans for the future. As part of my role I have had to interact with a lot of people across the business including colleagues overseas and as a result of this I have had the opportunity to strongly develop my communication skills. In additional to this I have also had the opportunity to develop my organisational skills through coordinating workshops and meeting. Having the opportunity to be a part of a large organisation I have been exposed to many leaders and their approach to coordinating their teams and their techniques to work effectively as a unit. I have also experienced Boschís organisational structure of how all the departments interact with each other to deliver award winning products and maintain a profitable business. Throughout the year I have definitely developed and progressed further to the professional I aim to be in the future. My personal growth has come from developing my personal skills and also through developing my understanding through observing the professionals around the business.