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Ashley Kearns at Worcester Wolves

Outreach, Engagement & Marketing Officer

My original role with the Worcester Wolves was to build awareness amongst primary and secondary schools, colleges, and sixth forms in Worcestershire and the surrounding areas. Along with this I was also given access to the teamís social media accounts and website where I was required to help run social media.†

The interaction with school groups was done through email which proved to be difficult at first. As the year progressed school bookings became a lot easier as I began speaking with teachers directly. On top of this news started spreading about the experience we offer to schools and the service we provided, this lead to some schools approaching us to attend games rather than having to approach them myself.†

During my first month with the Wolves one of my colleagues had to take time off due to illness, this meant that I was given extra responsibility such as putting the match programme together, completing the schedule of events and also running the floor at the game. Running the floor was daunting at first having only been with the Wolves for a month and I was now helping run the game itself. This first game was one of the highlights of the placement itself, whilst also being one of the most stressful times on placement.†

After this game I was asked to continue working on game nights throughout the remainder of the season, having proved to my manager and other members of staff that I was capable enough to do so. Each game allowed my confidence to grow and I was able to make game nights my own by making changes that improved the experience for everyone. Hearing the positive feedback from members of staff along with spectators was highly rewarding as it showed my hard work was paying off.†

As well as game nights I also got to experience other aspects to the Worcester Wolves, I got to go and watch the play-off final VIP at the o2, I got to work with our sponsors G-tech to help create promotional material such as videos and photo shoots, I got to work closely with the players and coaches attending charity events and school visits, and I also got to dress as the mascot Wolfie for a primary schoolís charity fun day which was highly rewarding.†

I have now had my contract extended into the 16/17 season to continue working with the Worcester Wolves and possibly the newly announced Netball Super League team Severn Stars, whilst studying my final year at university.