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Daniel Jones at Stanton Ralph & Co Chartered Accountants

A brief introduction to the placement company.
Stanton Ralph & Co originally established in 1974 is a Chartered Accountancy firm based within the historic market town of Bridgnorth. They support a broad client base of local and national companies with all aspects of their accounting requirements.†

A brief introduction to yourself Ė what you are studying, why you chose to take a placement year.
Brief introduction: Iíve always been business minded and interested in the mechanics of businesses. Accounting allows me to look beyond the face of a company and truly understand how it works.

Studying: Accounting

Aspirations: Become a Charted Accountant

Reason for doing a placement year: Experience in your respective industry is essential in this day in age in order to successfully obtain employment in the future. Not only does this develop my knowledge and skills far beyond the capabilities of University it also grants a major boost to my CV which is crucial as employers focus on the experience a potential candidate has to offer.

What were your responsibilities?
In short, my role at Stanton Ralph & Co involved preparing financial accounts for a range of different businesses operating under different structures (Sole traders, partnerships and limited companies.) Completing tax returns for clients and completing a weekly timesheet in order for bills to be produced.

How did your skills develop?
Though this process I have had the ability of experiencing a lot of tasks within the accounting world the skills listed below are skills I believe I have developed over the process and the reasons why they are so important.

Organisation: The accounting environment is a busy one, with constant deadlines that need to be met. Remaining organised and on top of your work load is key to being successful in this career.

Time management: Time is money, therefore efficiency and punctuality need to go hand in hand in this occupation.

Adaptability: No job is ever the same, your ability to adapt to these changes, not only improves your knowledge but makes you a better accountant in the process.

Openness: Accountancy has strict ethical standards which we must adhere to. Promoting transparency between accountant and client builds trust which is crucial to a successful firm.†

What did you achieve?†††
My placement provided me with opportunities that the classroom simply could not. It has enhanced my personal and social skills through working within a professional environment. With the guidance and feedback, key skills such as interpersonal and team working, communication and problem solving have been able to develop further, along with self-management and self-learning. This in turn, should lead to successful employment throughout my life. This experience also reiterates that I still want to work within this job role. There simply isnít a better way of experiencing the role you have worked so hard to be in. All the aspirations and studies are given greater meaning as you realise in practise, this is something you want to do.