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Connor Tyrrell at Worcester Bosch

Introduction to my placement company:
For the past 13 months, I have been undergoing a Sales Operations role for Worcester Bosch. Founded in 1962 by Cecil Duckworth, the company has grown from a small engineering works, to the market leader in boilers within the UK. 6 years running, Worcester Bosch has been awarded the Which Best Buy award for all of its Greenstar Gas boilers. 

Introduction to myself: 
Currently I have completed the first 2 years of my Business, Accountancy and Marketing (BA Hons) degree. I will be starting back in September, to complete my 3rd and final year, with aspirations of a First Class degree. 
The Sales Operations role that I have undergone, may not have been directly linked to my course, but there were many other reasons behind wishing to complete a placement year. Mainly, I wanted to gain first-hand experience within a globally recognised company. This experience, I could then take forward with me for future jobs and potentially aid my university work. Furthermore, it supplied a great chance to network, and mix with potential employers.

Primarily within my role, I provide support to internal and external customers. Externally, I support merchants, such as Plumb centre, with anything from website updates to reviewing price guides. For this I have to up to date with all Worcester’s updates on products. Internally, I provide support to the Technical Sales Managers by supplying them with monthly performance reports. 
However, over the year I have taken on many different tasks. I have been an event co-ordinator for a brand new, year long, Worcester Apprentice Support scheme. Where my communication and organisational skills have been challenged. Also spent a 6 month period within Worcester Bosch’s call centre, booking out engineers, dealing with complaints and also trouble shooting over the phone. Furthermore, I took the opportunity to spend a day with one our Technical Sales Managers. This involved meeting with merchants, chatting face to face with installers and also meeting Worcester Accredited Installers. 

Skills Developed: 
Throughout the year, many of my skills have been challenged and also improved in ways which will become extremely beneficial. First off, my communication skills have been stretched, face to face and also over the phone. From such responsibilities as being in the Call Centre, where it is imperative to come across polite, even with awkward customers. This also improving on my customer service skills as well as my telephone manor. Furthermore, from this year, my business awareness has improved massively, alongside other skills such as being organised and prioritisation of tasks. 

Over the year, I have made many achievements. First of all, I have had 100% attendance throughout my 13 month contract. I have kept on top of my work all year round, by prioritising and organising my tasks. From partaking in the Call Centre, I won the ‘Intern of the week’, which came from achieving the best call stats. And finally, I have co-assisted a yearlong trial Apprentice Support Scheme, which will now be continued and expanded onto next year!