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Alex Shaw at Worcester Bosch

For my placement year between 2015 and 2016, I worked at Worcester Bosch as an ICO Intern. Worcester Bosch Group was formed in 1962 and employs more than 2,000 employees. The site based in Warndon is where the gas and oil boilers and hot water systems are manufactured.

The course I am currently doing at the University of Worcester is Business Management Joint Honours and Computing Joint Honours. Even though a placement year wasnít part of the initial course I still really wanted to go out and try for a 12 month placement because I believed that having a year out would allow me to gain valuable experience in the real world.†

When I joined the company, I was placed into the team that manages the smart devices of the company. My responsibilities initially were to buy in any new or upgrade connections for the company and to answer and solve any queries anybody in the company had about their smart device. This would involve going through troubleshooting with the customer either over the phone or face to face. It was unusual for me to be asked for help while I was walking to see another customer or going into a meeting. As the year went on, I gained more responsibilities. For the last few months of 2015, I was responsible for writing and rewriting processes for mobility as part of an audit project. In 2016, I also began to integrate as part of the helpdesk team. Once I was sufficiently trained, I was then responsible for answering calls on the helpdesk to support field engineers and sales associates.†

While working for Bosch, I was able to achieve and meet a lot of goals from tasks and projects. Firstly, I was able to successfully integrate myself as part of the mobility and helpdesk teams which enabled me to enhance my job role and tasks successfully throughout my 12 month placement. Working on the helpdesk also gave more depth as to what responsibilities the department has to other areas of the company. Secondly, I managed to roll out a Bosch mobile application successfully to all of the directors in the company who didnít already have the app installed on their phone. I was informed of the task at short notice but it was nice and challenging to rise up and deliver the roll out within one month. Lastly, but by no means least, my greatest achievement while on placement was to lead a project that would affect over 300 associates up and down the country. I was the lead on a project designed to upgrade engineers from a standard phone to an iPhone 6. I had guidance from my manager and a colleague who had recently gone through a rollout for advice but all of the decisions and meetings were organised from myself. The end result was a very successful roll out within the 6 month time window which meant the roll out was very effective and well executed overall.