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Michael Browne at Porsche Cars Great Britain Ltd

Dr. Ing. h.c. F. Porsche AG is an automotive manufacturer specializing in high performance sports cars with motorsport heritage at the heart of everything it does. Porsche Cars Great Britain LTD is the 4th largest market for Porsche worldwide, and is the sole importer for Great Britain. PCGB’s network has a total of 37 Porsche Centres spread across UK and Ireland; with its central head office located in Reading. I could not have asked for a better time to join the company, as during my time here Porsche made some great achievements; a record breaking year for sales, winning Le Mans for the 18th time and announcing 6 new models to name a few.

When applying to University and choosing which area of business to go into, it was clear that across any business related degree, a year in industry can greatly increase employability. This became even more apparent after talking to employers through 2nd year and hearing their thoughts on recruiting graduates. Thus when the opportunity arose to combine a lifelong passion of cars with my BA Hons Business, Management and Marketing Degree; an internship at Porsche GB was the perfect role to enrich my education and future prospects. Being able to learn, work and progress in an industry leading company has enabled me to gain in depth experience which will help shape both my career and final year of study.

My core responsibilities were to support and assist the network in both strategic and operational development. This primarily involved producing and analysing reports in order to give insight on the network’s performance. This required a strong grasp on all systems, especially Excel where my skills have improved tremendously. However due to the small headcount at PCGB, my role was greatly diverse. I became one of the main points of contact in Great Britain for the International Porsche Locater, along with used car performance and Porsche Approved Warranty. I was also very fortunate to be there at the time a new centre was launching in my home town, Porsche Centre Wolverhampton. The company really took advantage of my local knowledge and went with my decision on which postcodes should be allocated to the centre, and thus its customers. I was also privileged to be able to work events such as the Goodwood Festival of Speed and the World Endurance Championship. 

The past year at Porsche has been a steep learning curve; there never seemed to be a day where I wasn’t learning something new. This was due to a great team who were constantly striving for me to get involved in all areas of the business. This led to me being part of projects which would not normally allow an Intern to be part of. The fast paced corporate environment demanded quick thinking, especially with numbers, which is where I believe I have developed the most. Being able to show confidence and accuracy on the spot without crumbling under pressure. This is especially true with my presentation skills, the difference in confidence from before I had started to now is great.

All Interns recruited are also tasked with the ‘The Intern Challenge’ to raise as much money as possible for charity. Our efforts saw us raise an amazing £5,300 for Macmillan Cancer Support and the Make-A-Wish Foundation; organising and competing in events such as the Warrior Run, karting, pub quizzes and even a bake sale. 

My main achievement however was being able to grow and hold myself within a large corporate business, helping re-shape many processes to become more efficient. I have been able to create a network of people whom want me to get in touch after University to talk about future employment within the automotive industry.