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Psychology degrees

Within our Psychology programmes, you will learn about the historical and scientific underpinnings of the discipline.

This will provide you with an understanding of the identification of significant patterns, variability and diversity in the full range of psychological behaviour, experience and functioning.

You will use evidence-based reasoning to critically evaluate the debates around topics such as developmental, biological or cognitive psychology.

The different perspectives combine to give you an understanding of the application of psychology in the real world, in areas as diverse as education, health or business.

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Taster days

A Psychology taster day gives you the opportunity to explore our facilities, take part in Psychology taster activities, and find out about student life. This day is for those considering applying for the course, not those who have already applied or those who have been offered an interview. For further information or to request a place please email or complete this enquiry form.

Upcoming taster days:

  • Monday 11 June 2018, 10am - 2pm

Psychology degrees

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