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Applied Sport Science MSc

This course takes an interdisciplinary approach to the scientific study of sporting performance. Delivered via distance learning and intensive study weeks, students also complete an advanced independent study.

Modules are designed to develop your understanding of the factors determining sporting performance, methods of assessing an athletes abilities to meet these demands, and the design of interventions to improve performance.

During a professional placement, you will apply the theoretical material delivered in the taught modules to your work with individual athletes or teams.The course prepares athletes to go into future careers in sport science support, or progress to further postgraduate study / research.

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How to Apply

Please make your application via our online application form. If you have any questions, please contact the Admissions office on 01905 855111 or

Entry requirements

Students will normally have a 2:1 classification in a sport-related Degree. Students who hold a sport-related Degree classification 2:2 or below, or a non-sport related Degree will be considered on a case-by-case basis.

All applicants will be interviewed.

Study options

Delivered via distance learning and intensive study weeks, students also complete an advanced independent study.

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A Problem Based Learning (PBL) approach to the delivery of the course emphasises the multi- and interdisciplinary nature of Sports Science and enhances students’ employability & career preparation through the development of a range of key transferable skills. 

A period of professional work based learning is included within the course whereby students are required to apply their knowledge and skills to a sports science environment setting, often at their current place of employment. Combined with supplementary vocational qualifications and experience, the MSc Applied Sports Science shows a commitment to excellence and specialism in a variety of sports industry roles, particularly in athlete support or as the entry route into higher levels of academic study and scientific research.

Course content


Assessing Human Performance
Enhancing Human Performance
Limits to Human Performance
Research Methods
Professional Practice



Formative assessment consists of group discussion, practical lab work and online research forum tasks.

Summative assessment requires students to produce academically justified reviews of contemporary literature, demonstrate the application of underpinning theory to practical scenarios, produce interventions and training programs, reflect on practical work placements and also produce an independent research project or dissertation.

Student views

Ciaran Ruddock

I feel that undertaking an MSc in Applied Sports Science at the University of Worcester on a part-time basis has been an integral part of my personal, professional and academic development over the past two years. I would highly recommend the course to anyone who has an interest in sports science that wishes to challenge themselves and improve their knowledge of human performance. I liked the fact that you can do all of the work for this course in your own time. I was able to keep up with the workload of an MSc while working fulltime. I was able to do this as result of the flexibility of this academic program. I learned a huge amount about how to read scientific literature, critically think about the findings and how to practically apply this knowledge to the real world.

The biggest positive of the undertaking an Msc in Applied Sports Science at the University of Worcester was access to the highly knowledgeable and helpful staff. Over the two years I studied I was lucky enough to receive a large amount of help and guidance from my tutors of each module. This constant help and support helped me to make the most of the opportunities provided by this academic program.

Ciaran Ruddock,MSc Fitter, Faster, Stronger, Dublin, Ireland (

Academic department

Institute of Sport & Exercise Science 

“We are proud of our strong reputation for sporting excellence. Our mission is to enhance the knowledge, skills and understanding of our students so they can continue to make a meaningful contribution to society at all levels.”
Mick Donovan, Head of Institute

A quality course

A quality course

Here are just a few reasons why you should choose to study MSc Applied Sport Science Course at the University of Worcester.

Unique multidisciplinary and applied focus

Recent literature has suggested that to maximise their employability, graduates in sport and exercise science must possess a broad range of knowledge and the ability to integrate their understanding of the various academic sub-disciplines. The course at Worcester develops this broad and integrated knowledge through the use of applied theme based modules.

A curriculum that further develops employability related skills

In addition to the development of subject knowledge, the MSc Applied Sport Science Course at the University of Worcester is designed to enhance the ability of students to gain employment in their desired speciality. All students complete a work placement in a field related to their ultimate career ambitions, and their assessment is specifically tailored to their own personal development needs.

A course structure that combines both intensive study weeks and distance learning

The course structure is designed to allow postgraduate students to combine study with their own work. In order to facilitate this, several of the modules are delivered entirely through distance learning via the University’s virtual learning platform. Due to the nature of the subject material, attendance at the University will be necessary to use the facilities in some modules. These modules are delivered during intensive study weeks which occur twice during the academic year.

Extensive laboratory facilities

The University of Worcester has a BASES accredited laboratory and a wide range of equipment allowing physiological and biomechanical assessment of athletes. Additionally, the Motion and Performance Centre allows detailed 3D motion analysis of individuals engaged in various activities and we have a large performance analysis suite within thee newly developed Riverside building.

A course teaching team that are at the cutting edge of contemporary sport and exercise science research

All members of the course teaching team have published their work in international academic journals and presented at international conferences. This ensures that their teaching is underpinned by the latest research findings and they are aware of the latest developments in their disciplines at the global level.