What's it been like going to university during a pandemic? Our students talked about how they found it studying and socialising in 2020/21.

Choosing where, when, and even if, to go to university is a big decision. That's true at any time, but with coronavirus it can even be difficult to imagine what life at university will be like. In October 2020 we asked our students about their experiences studying at Worcester.

Videos from a range of subjects

Hear from our students on a range of different courses, as they explain what it was like for them studying at university during the 2020-21 academic year.


Student life at Worcester

We’ve adapted our facilities and events to make sure there are opportunities for socialising and meeting new people.  Below you’ll see photos of the new outdoor spaces and some of our on campus activities, including Varsity 2021. Go #TeamWorc!

A different approach to the pandemic

There have been several headlines over the past year about the way that many universities have handled the pandemic, and how they have treated their students.  At Worcester, our approach has been very different, with three out of every five classes in-person between September and Christmas 2020. At the same time, through careful planning, we have remained a Coronavirus coldspot. 

Our students were among the most satisfied with their experience in the first term of 2020/21, the results of a national survey showed. With almost 20% more University of Worcester students satisfied with their student experience than the national average. 

What is blended learning?

For many years, the majority of our teaching has taken place in small group settings such as seminars, laboratory classes, tutorials, clinical simulation and other practical sessions. Where possible in 2020-21 we continued to teach these in person, while strictly following the Government safety guidelines in place at the time.

Other sessions have been delivered through a blend of in-person and online learning.

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