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Rapid Lateral Flow Tests

Important Notice

The Lateral Flow Test Centre currently operating from the Riverside Building will be suspended until Tuesday, 25 January due to local flood conditions. If you require a test, you can re-book a slot for later in the week. Please email to change your booking


Booking a Covid-19 ‘Rapid’ Lateral Flow Test

Lateral Flow Tests have been introduced to support students and staff as they return to campus. The tests will help stop the spread of Covid-19 as we are able to identify those people who are infected but not displaying any symptoms. 

A Lateral Flow Test is free, self-administered and should take less than ten minutes.

You should take two tests, three days apart, and should receive your test result from the NHS Test and Trace service via SMS within two hours of each test.

The questions below will tell you more about the tests, or book your tests now:


What is a Lateral Flow Antigen Test?

To support your return to campus we are working with Public Health Worcestershire to offer testing for students and staff who do not have Covid-19 symptoms.

Public Health will be utilising lateral flow devices (LFDs) - a clinically validated swab antigen test that does not require a laboratory for processing and can turn around rapid results, usually within an hour at the location of the test. The test detects the coronavirus antigen that is produced when a person is infectious with coronavirus.

Lateral flow antigen tests are tests for students who don’t have any symptoms.

This is the test that is being offered:

Who should get a lateral flow test?

All students and staff who are returning to campus are encouraged to book two tests.

Do I have to have a test in order to return to campus?

Joining in the testing programme is voluntary but people are encouraged to take part to help keep others safe- particularly staff and students who may come into contact with large numbers of people.

When is testing taking place? (UPDATED - 19 JANUARY)

Testing started from Monday 4 January 2021 and is currently scheduled to run until March. This date will be kept under review. 

The tests will be available Monday to Friday each week, with slots available from 10am until 7pm. This website will be updated regularly with information about the tests and more slots may be added later in the month if there is increased demand.

You should aim to take your tests as soon as you return to campus (or just before you begin your placement).

Do I need a lateral flow test if I have previously tested positive for Covid-19, and completed my isolation period? (NEW - 18 JANUARY)

If you have had a positive coronavirus (Covid-19) PCR test in the last 90 days through NHS Test and Trace and been recorded as a positive case on the national system, you do not need to be tested again within that time period if you are asymptomatic.

I’m travelling internationally and require a ‘fit to fly’ test. Will this test cover me?


You must check with your airline and foreign office advice and guidance to find out what the country you are travelling to requires before you make plans to leave. Some countries and airlines do require a test before traveling. These tests can only be accessed privately, not through the NHS or Public Health.

There is a charge for this testing (from £120 upwards), so you should conduct your own online search to review the range of costs and timeframes for testing and results.  You may find the following local options a helpful starting point: 

How many times do I need to take a test?

The tests are quick and simple to take. You should take two tests, ideally three days apart to confirm your Covid-status.

The UK government advises that lateral flow tests are accurate, which means that only a very small proportion of people who do not have coronavirus will receive a positive result (false positive).

However, in mass testing, because so many people without symptoms are being tested, there is still the possibility of getting a false positive result. Therefore, if you get a positive test with the Lateral Flow Antigen Test, you will need to have a confirmatory PCR test (the test offered by the NHS) to make sure the result is correct.

When should I take a test?

You should book your first test to coincide with your return to campus or placement - ideally a day or two before your first in-person class/placement.  You should book your second test about three days later.

Is there a cost for taking a test?

The tests are voluntary and free of charge. 

How do I book a test?

You will be required to book a date and time slot your test. It’s also helpful if you have your NHS number, but it’s not necessary.  Once you've booked your test, if for any reason you are unable to attend at this time, please contact as soon as possible so that your slot can be opened up for someone else.


To book a test you need to visit You will need to enter your student number in order to book a test.


To book a test you need to visit

I am having trouble with the booking form - can you help me?

If you are having trouble making a booking, or have any questions about your booking, please email:

I need to cancel or change my booking - what do I do?

If you need to change or cancel your booking, please email:

Where do I go for the test?

Testing will take place at the University’s  Severn Campus, in the Riverside Building.

There is also an NHS Test Centre, which is operating behind the Arena. Please make sure you come to the correct centre for your test! The Riverside building is the glass-fronted building on your right, as you enter the Severn Campus.

There will be signage and staff directing you into the Riverside building.




I think I may have Covid-19. Should I take this test?

The Lateral Flow tests are for students and staff who do not have symptoms of Covid-19. If you are concerned that you may have Covid-19, because you have symptoms, you should immediately self-isolate and  book a test through the NHS.

There is an on-campus NHS test centre, located just behind the Arena on the Severn Campus.

What do I need to take with me to the test?

You will need to have your mobile phone with you, as this will be used as part of the registration process.

Please also remember to wear a face covering and follow all social distancing guidelines. 

What does the test involve?

The tests involve you taking a self-swab from the back of your throat and your nose.  Trained staff will be on site to guide you through the process and to assist you, if needed.

A member of staff will then arrange for your test to be processed and let you know how and when you'll receive your result.

How long does it take to get the results of my test?

Tests don’t need to go to a lab and results are provided within an hour or so, depending on demand, so you won’t have to wait long to know.

How will I receive my results?

You will be notified of your results by text message and receive your test result from the NHS Test and Trace service via SMS within two hours.

What does it mean if my test is negative?

If you have received a negative test, it indicates that you probably did not have Covid-19 at the time you took the test.  You should continue to ensure you maintain social distancing, cover your face when necessary and wash your hands regularly.

You don’t need to tell the University that you have tested negative.

What does it mean if my test is void?

Please return to the test centre and request another test.

You may need to show your void test result to the registration assistant.

What does it mean if my test is positive? What should I do? (UPDATED - 22 JANUARY)

  • Immediately self-isolate, inform your household to self-isolate
  • Notify the University by logging into your SOLE page and using the ‘Report Absence’ option if you are a student, or notify your line manager if you are a staff member
  • Arrange to have a confirmatory test through the national NHS testing programme (these tests are processed in a laboratory, so have an even higher accuracy rate)
  • If your confirmatory test is positive you must isolate for 10 days from your first test date and your household must for 10 days from your first test date. This means that you must not travel
  • If your confirmatory NHS test is negative you and your household may cease isolation

What happens if my test is negative, but I have coronavirus symptoms?

If you have coronavirus (Covid-19) symptoms please refer to NHS guidance.

You should isolate and book a test through the NHS.

More information about Covid-19, and our response, can be found on our main coronavirus information page.


Further information

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