Page updated: 16 July 2021

Covid-19 Applicant FAQs

This page includes frequently asked questions about the coronavirus (Covid-19) pandemic, for applicants to the University of Worcester. There are sections on:

Studying at the University of Worcester in 2021

We would like to update you on the University of Worcester’s plans for this coming academic year (2021-22).

Worcester has consistently focused on student-wellbeing, from academic, social, mental health and employment perspectives, while taking a highly responsible public health approach to Covid-19.

We have operated in line with Government guidance and have worked particularly closely with Public Health Worcestershire.

This has proved very successful - the University’s Covid-rate has consistently been below the national average and to the best of our knowledge there has been not one case of on-campus transmission during the entire pandemic.

While the University has been a Covid-19 coldspot, it has also remained an educational hotspot:

  • Worcester was one of the first universities to announce a return to a blend including in-person teaching, way back in May 2020.
  • Over 58% of teaching was delivered in-person in the first semester of 2020
  • Over 50% of students remained in residence in the second semester of 2021
  • A significant number of students, who did not have access to appropriate facilities, used the campus during the last national lockdown for essential study purposes

You can find out more from our students, who were interviewed about living and learning on campus in 2020/21.

Our approach, which is very different from many institutions, maximises the opportunity for personal participation in teaching, learning and University life whilst using modern technology to the full for the benefit of student learning and effective organisation.

Our plans for September

We will continue to take this approach in the next academic year, which means that you can expect that in September 2021:

  • Face-to-face teaching will be the norm and you should plan to attend campus for teaching activities such as lectures, seminars, tutorials, group discussions and other activities, as they will form an essential and significant part of your student experience and success. 
  • A small number of large lectures and equivalent events will be online using the latest digital learning technology, as part of our popular blended approach to learning and teaching. Support is available through our Access to Technology programme. 
  • Campus facilities such as the library, sports facilities, the Students’ Union, cafés and other social spaces will be open with all the appropriate measures in place to help keep you safe.
  • Sports, clubs and societies and other activities will be operating, giving you every opportunity to engage with student life at Worcester.

Of course, the situation may change over the coming months, but the success of the national vaccination programme gives great hope that it will be life as normal on campus next year. We promise to keep you well-informed through the use of our regularly updated Frequently Asked Questions.

If you have any questions about your course or your application, please get in touch with us on

We are very much looking forward to welcoming you to campus in September. 

Additional information

If you have questions that haven’t been answered on this page, please get in touch with us in the Admissions Office on

Further information for staff about the coronavirus, and our response, can be found on our main coronavirus information page.