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Yubing Li

International Business BA (Hons) Top-up student Yubing Li loved her team at the University of Worcester. Read her story:

"I will never forget the first time I came to the University of Worcester. The special main reception, the large lawn and the tall trees impressed me. The squirrel who suddenly running out even gave me more surprise. Before came here, I heard that Worcestershire was beautiful and peaceful place and the University of Worcester was a beautiful and peaceful place. On the first day, everything was beyond my expectation.

"After I have studied here for some time, I found more and more surprises. The tutors here are very nice. If we have some questions, they will explain them to us patiently. They know we have some language problems, so they will slower their speed on purpose and sometimes explain a same question for more than once. However, the tutors are also very strict. They supervise our learning to ensure you can get a good degree. The classmates here are also very good. Maybe because of the language problems and living environment difference, it is difficult to communicate with us. However, if we have some problems to ask them, they will help us friendly.

"I really love the University of Worcester. Staying here for only one year was not enough for me and I really did not want leave so I stayed on to complete a masters degree."

Yubing Li
International Business BA (Hons) Top-up