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We encourage students to boost their skills and employability by undertaking voluntary work placement and work experience opportunities. The feedback from previous students involved in this project was entirely positive and students considered that their work placements enabled them to get valuable work experience and create the connection that would help them get a good job after finishing their degree. Students can apply for placement as part of their course - in which case the University will support them with learning criteria and a tutor to supervise their academic work- or on a voluntary basis, in order to get work experience. In both cases, businesses should be able to offer support to their student, through guidance appropriate to the role. We have supplied a sample volunteer agreement to clarify the expectations from both sides – this can be tailored to meet both your needs. When following up an opportunity, please follow the normal approval guidelines issued by your course. The employers contacting you with opportunities have not been through any approval process by the University. Our volunteering guidance provides some tips from a fellow student who has experience in volunteering.

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