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Duferco UK

Company: Duferco UK

Location: Buntsford Park Road, B60 3DX Bromsgrove, Worcestershire, United Kingdom

Name: James Simon

Telephone: ++41-91-8225768

Description: The goal of the project is to help IT professionals appreciate the importance of understanding business needs, being able to effectively drive change by communicating these needs and identifying areas for improvement. Project is divided into 3 phases.

One. Choose a software to map Business Processes. There are many offerings for tools/softwares to map business processes. This means the ability to effectively capture/document, communicate and follow the various layers of a business process: starting from different actors involved in a business process and the objectives of each step in a process, moving down to more specifics on how the process is carried out: systems used, means/format of communication/output, etc One example of a such a tool is: Workflow Designer

Two. Process Mapping. Over the course of several visits with the Accounting responsible map out all their business processes.  No doubt there will be more than one process to map out.  We are very flexible as to when the visits are conducted and the time elapsed from the first to the last visit.

Three:  present the results. Of the choice of the tool The processes mapped out. Suggestions on how to improve the process (how certain steps could be reorganized differently, how certain forms could be redeveloped to ease in data entry etc)

Duration: Expected time needed for visits: 5 working days.  Rest can be done offsite if needed