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Verdant Media VMA Ltd

Verdant Media VMA Ltd

Location: Malvern WR13 5DB

Name: Mr Warren Haughey

Telephone: 0800 772 0547

Description: The project is the creation of a website for the over 60's called Age of Grace.  It is not to be a boring resource site full of facts and figures but instead it will be full of interesting stories and experiences of those who have lived through a variety of events but haven't had a chance to tell their story yet. The project began as a documentary for TV about how older people are treated around the world. From the series of stories that we have gathered we now need the stories edited and uploaded to the new website. New stories will also have to be created, either filmed or written and you will be liaising with the content creators to ensure everything looks perfect. You could even contribute to providing stories. There will be full training provided to help guide you through using Final Cut Pro as well as training on how to updates WordPress Websites.

Duration: 10 weeks Plus depending on the success of the placement


1. Manage and evolve the Age of Grace Website source and write daily blogposts; liaise with premium partners/3rd party advertisers; integrate video-based content. Work with Blog Editors of other Creative Group brands to ensure effective cross-promotion.

2. Create and distribute all the Age of Grace branded e-newsletters. Ensure content is on-brand and liaise with 3rd parties to organise competition/giveaways as appropriate.

3. Be responsible for Search Engine Optimisation on the blog. This includes adding appropriate meta data, categories and tags to content and writing content to reflect important search terminology. To investigate and keep constantly up-to-date with search terms and what users and potential users are searching for both on the site and on the wider web and to evolve the site accordingly.

4. Oversee and develop all social media channels for the Age of Grace. Generate original Facebook/Twitter content; repost selected Facebook/Twitter comments; answer Facebook/Twitter questions. Moderate and contribute to all of Age of Grace's social media pages including Pinterest, Twitter and Facebook.

5. To be an active member of interiors/gardening/cookery/lifestyle and craft communities for he over 60's online: to participate in discussions on other blogs, to be helpful in relevant online forums, to manage and actively promote our content on blogs, social networks and other craft sites to encourage link backs.

6. Keep up with over 60's lifestyle blogs. Build relationships with key bloggers. Identify up and coming bloggers for featuring on the website.

Person Specification:

Excellent communication skills

Good organisational skills and be able to schedule and manage their own workload

Excellent knowledge and understanding of the internet, plus the ability to rapidly absorb and apply new technical information

Good IT skills e.g. Microsoft office

Excellent writing skills

Confidence to make new business contacts and liaise with advertising clients

Interest in mens/women s lifestyle.

Already active in online communities

Experience of working with a Content Management System

Previous experience of writing editorial content specifically for the web would be helpful but not essential.

Experience of working in a team or as an individual

Ability to use Photoshop would be good as well as any editing experience using either Final Cut Pro or Premiere CS5 upwards