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Simon Utas and Frida Ekenberg

Simon Utas and Frida Ekenberg opted to take their final year of study at the University of Worcester, as part of an exciting partnership between Worcester and Högskolan Halmstad University, in Sweden.

Through the Double Degree arrangement, UK or Swedish students are able to study for an agreed period of time in either country and gain both a British BA Honours Degree in Business Management and a Swedish Bachelors or Masters degree.

Frida Ekenberg, aged 23, from Gothenburg, is really enjoying her time at the University and wants to undertake a Business Masters Degree at Worcester, next year.

“I’ve always wanted to study abroad for part of my degree and this course has provided an ideal opportunity,” she said.

“It’s great to experience life in a different country and to meet new people. I’m now hoping to successfully complete my undergraduate studies and take my Masters Degree at Worcester.”

Twenty-eight-year-old Simon, also from Gothenburg, has his sights set on a career in banking and hopes to become an account manager within a leading UK bank, based in Worcester.

“It has been great studying at the University of Worcester and the City of Worcester is good too. It’s a friendly City- not too big- so it’s ideal to get to know people.”

“Studying in England has helped to improve both our language skills and we’ve become much more familiar with English business and financial practice, and business terminology.”