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Scholarship Fund

University education has a vital role to play in society, enriching, inspiring and broadening the horizons of students. In the changing education landscape, these students will increasingly need financial support to help them achieve their career ambitions.  

At Worcester, we want to ensure that tuition fees and the concern over student debt do not deter talented and motivated students from coming to the City to pursue their goals.  

With this in mind, we want to provide the most worthy students with scholarships to help support them through higher education.  

As a charity, our funds are limited. Your support is more vital than ever before. By donating to the University of Worcester Scholarship Fund you have an opportunity to make a positive difference.  

Benefiting students

  • Scholarships promote opportunity
  • Scholarships ensure that well qualified students have access to higher education regardless of background
  • Scholarships are the pathway to improved career prospects for some of the most committed and dedicated individuals  

Benefiting society

  • Our scholarships enable the most talented, enthusiastic students from across the UK to study and live in Worcester
  • Our graduates have the specific skills, abilities and work ethic needed to build a strong economy and contribute significantly to the region’s academic productivity
  • As nurses, midwives, entrepreneurs, scientists, artists and more, our graduates play a valuable role in society  

Benefiting businesses

  • Our diverse range of academic and vocational courses are tailored to meet the needs of today’s industries
  • As a key player in the development of the region, the University of Worcester maintains strong workplace links across business, education, health, and cultural communities
  • Worcester graduates are in the top 10 nationally for graduate employment – based in part on our commitment to provide opportunities to help students ‘earn as you learn’