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Ryea Maswood

"I currently work at the Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute as a research assistant in the genotyping team for the Mouse Genomic Project. In this we look at mice with particular genes removed to examine how this affects the phenotype.

"My job involves doing several tests on mice DNA in the lab and then analysing the results in order to see whether the mouse has or doesn’t have the target gene. The information collected from the different groups will be then be shared on an online database.

"What I learnt during my Human Biology at the University of Worcester has enabled me to be successful during my job, not just at the interview stage but in day-to-day work. The vast amount of practical sessions that the University provides really sets you up, especially in a research centre, and I felt I definitely learnt more during these sessions due to the hands on approach. I have also found in my job that I am not only using things I learnt from my genetics modules but also from across the modules I have done - it is surprising how many skills you pick up during your degree! I do fully believe that this is due to the high quality of teaching by the lecturers who make the modules interesting and enjoyable and if it wasn’t for this I wouldn’t be in the position I am in today."