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Robbie Brittain

Shortly after completing a Masters degree in Drama at the University of Worcester, Robbie Brittain found himself locked in a box for twelve hours, performing random tasks in an effort to please the gathered crowds, and all in the name of art.

The twelve hour marathon performance, entitled ‘Limbo’, was in reality a piece of cutting edge contemporary drama developed by Robbie as part of his studies at the University, and performed at the Edinburgh Festival this August.

As Robbie explains: “Limbo presents four occupants trapped inside a large box fighting it out for the audience’s love and attention to become an ‘overnight’ celebrity. During the 12 hours the occupants are challenged by a series of tasks dictated by audience members.

“Limbo questions the nature of celebrity and the way it's portrayed, packaged and perceived.”

Limbo was created by Chandelier Horse Theatre Company, formed by Robbie and three fellow students, Samantha Franklin, Richard Wishart, and Vicki Stokes.

The four collaborators formed the company and devised Limbo for an assessment on their Masters in Drama, before taking it on the road. In addition to the Edinburgh Festival, Limbo was performed at the Kidderminster Arts Festival and streamed live online in an interactive webcast.

During his studies at the University of Worcester, Robbie also gained invaluable experience working with young people as a Youth Theatre Mentor at The Hive library, helping 12 to 16 year olds devise their own performances.

On his plans for the future, Robbie says: “I’m hoping to do a PhD, looking at the links between theatre audiences, interactive performance, and neuro-science.

“Longer term, I’d like to lecture at a University, whilst continuing to devise innovative pieces of contemporary theatre.”

Robbie graduates today from the University of Worcester with a First Class Masters degree in Contemporary Theatre Practice.”