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The Learning Institute

The Learning Institute

The Learning Institute logoThe Learning Institute is part of the Westcountry Schools Trust. Its main work is in higher education offering undergraduate health and education degrees, and it runs a small cross-phase SCITT – The Learning Institute South West.

The Learning Institute is committed to social justice. Through its HE partnership, it removes barriers to higher education for hard-to-reach groups and widens access for those parts of society where there is no tradition of undertaking higher study. It develops the infrastructure for social mobility and community cohesion by providing accessible, high quality higher education programmes which meet the needs of challenged communities.

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Courses on offer and location of delivery:

  • FdA Teaching and Learning (Exeter; Helston/Penzance; Ilfracombe; Newquay; Northolt; Paignton; Poole; Plymouth Mountbatten; Roche; Roskear; Southwark; Torrington)
  • FdSc Children and Adolescent Mental Health (Plymouth Broadreach; Radstock; Redruth; Yeovil)
  • FdSc Health and Social Care (Redruth; Roche)
  • BAPP - Education/Early Years/Children’s Services (Exeter; Ilfracombe; Redruth; Roche; Roskear; Torrington.)
  • MA Education (Roche)