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Justyn Surrall

26 year-old Justyn studied Journalism at the University of Worcester, and after an initial work placement with the BBC, he is now an employee of BBC Hereford and Worcester, unearthing, and reporting on, stories from around the two counties.

“I did a week’s work experience with the BBC, but I didn’t feel like that was a long enough time to get everything I wanted from the experience,” Justyn explains. “So from then I went back on a weekly basis, and I was able to do vox-pops and little interviews to build up my own skills and to be part of the team here.

“I then won ‘Journalism Student of the Year’ at University, which resulted in me getting an unpaid, month-long internship. After that, I was offered a six week paid contract, and that led on to my current, longer-term contract.

“I’m really grateful to everyone at BBC Hereford and Worcester, who have worked tirelessly to accommodate me and give me advice as I continue to learn and develop.”

The internship is a new initiative set up between the BBC and the University of Worcester, building on their existing Media Diversity Partnership which already has regular one week placements, helping students to gain valuable experience.

Subject Leader in Journalism, Claire Wolfe, is delighted that Justyn has taken the opportunity with both hands.

“He’s been a fantastic success,” she says. “Justyn was a dedicated student and has used his initiative to help forge links with the media industry – we are delighted for him.”

Now based at the BBC’s Hereford office and travelling around the region to conduct interviews and stage live broadcasts, Justyn says that his time at the University of Worcester has prepared him well for his current role.

“I would certainly recommend the University of Worcester to anyone considering studying journalism,” he says.

“They are so well equipped to prepare student for the workplace, and the lecturers’ hands-on industry experience helps to create a really positive learning environment, in which students are encouraged to push themselves and get their work out there.”