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Jimmy Couzens

Jimmy Couzens graduated with a First Class Honours degree in Business Psychology, and he is already well on the way to putting his skills to good use, both internationally and right here in Worcester.

The 22 year-old was determined to gain as much work experience as possible alongside his studies during his time at Worcester.

In order to follow his ambition of becoming a world-leading expert in cross-cultural psychology, Jimmy joined the Communications Committee of the Caribbean Alliance of National Psychological Associations (CANPA) and set about building valuable experience.

"Our committee works towards developing and maintaining a compendium of information on psychology in the Caribbean, and developing and implementing strategies for outreach through a variety of social media outlets," he explains.

"We also work on developing input into the organisation’s communication strategy.

"Due to my academic interests in Caribbean culture, my next project is to establish Saint Lucia's First Psychological Society (with affiliation to CANPA), designed to promote the development and diffusion of knowledge of Psychology in Saint Lucia and to also form as a body representative of psychologists on the Island."

Alongside this work, Jimmy is also working towards his PhD in Psychology at Worcester, which includes providing support and advice to current undergraduate students, and, from his own experience, he has a clear message to pass on to those currently studying for their first degree.

“Achieving a First was not easy, but it shows that my hard work and dedication paid off,” he says of his achievement. “I also knew the importance of put myself out there to gain the work experience which I needed; and the Psychology department assisted greatly in obtaining this.”