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Lorna Webb

Going to university was never in Lorna Webb’s life plan. Yet today, she is graduating from the University of Worcester with a First Class Honours in Journalism and Screenwriting.

The 21-year-old was studying for a BTEC qualification in Media when a college lecturer persuaded her to give university a try.

“University was never even a plan before I met a lecturer at college who forced me to apply; and look at me now,” she said. “It just goes to show that you don't need A-levels to do well. BTEC students get a lot of stick but for me it was definitely the right choice. As long as you work hard, care about what you're learning and want to progress, you can do anything.”

Lorna, who won the Steven Knight Award for Best Screenplay at the University of Worcester, said she chose Worcester as it was the only university that offered the course combination she was looking for.

“Once I saw this course title, all the other titles from other universities just didn't compare,” she said. “I had my sights set on Worcester from the beginning purely from the combination of two different very styles of writing and knew straight away that I wanted to do them both.

“I've loved my time at the University and am so sad it's over. It's an amazing city and the University bubble was my home; and that bubble was amazing. Everything and everyone was close by; I loved it.”

Lorna is now working as a support worker, and is pursuing her dream of becoming a screenwriter.

“I'm currently script reading for a company with massive connections to Hollywood and a huge archive of films they've been involved with,” she said. “If I read for about a year, I'll be able to apply for other screenwriting jobs and thus, climb the ladder.”