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Joss McLeod

Enrolling at university is a life-changing decision for anyone but for Joss McLeod it was a decision that would affect her whole family.

Joss from Barbourne, Worcester, got a place on the highly-acclaimed PGCE in Primary Education course at the University of Worcester last year.

After 10 years working as a Specialist Academic Support Tutor helping mainly dyslexic students with their studies, Joss decided to fulfil an ambition.

Joss was impressed by the University’s national reputation for the course.

“It really is a well-deserved reputation,” says Joss. “The teaching and support from staff was fantastic.”

Unlike many other students on the course, Joss had a family to support as well as her studies.

“It had a big impact on my family, particularly my six-year-old son,” she says. “I would come home from a placement and cook dinner and put the kids to bed. Only after that could I begin my coursework. I couldn’t have done it without the support of my family: the children, my husband of course and also my parents and parents in law.”

The heavy workload was also proving to be a challenge for Joss, balancing her school placements and theory assignments.

“You have to learn so much so quickly,” says Joss. “You’re being observed all the time, it’s pretty intense.”

However, Joss soon started to see the effects of her hard work.

“I owed it to the children I was teaching to be the best I can be,” she says. “Just passing the course was never enough for me.”

Joss threw herself into the course and aimed high, passing her course with flying colours and would now recommend the course to anyone who wanted to teach.

“The course is hard work, so you have to be absolutely sure it’s what you want to do and if you don’t know, get work experience,” Joss says. “The course provides you with everything you need to be an outstanding teacher but it is what you make of it.”