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Charlotte Jeffs

Charlotte Jeffs is a Worcester graduate through and through, having completed a three year BA honours degree in Early Childhood Studies and today she graduates with a Primary Postgraduate Certificate in Education (PGCE).

And she must have shared her love for the University as her brother is now a sport student here too.

Inspired by her primary school teachers, becoming a teacher has been a childhood ambition for 23-year-old Charlotte. The sad loss of her father in her final degree year made her even more driven to pursue a career in teaching.

“The PGCE was an extremely tough but rewarding year,” she said. “It tests whether you actually want to be a teacher, but the feeling of actually qualifying outweighed the tantrums and tears.”

Charlotte says that the camaraderie of her university colleagues was incredibly important. “My PAM (Pedagogy and Management group) girls were a fantastic bunch of now teaching ladies,” she said. “They were the only other people who actually knew exactly what your workload was and how to calm you down! We still speak to each other regularly and meet up for half term teacher chats.”

Charlotte is now in her NQT year and enjoying working in a Solihull primary school as a Year 2 teacher. Her childhood dreams are now very much a reality and she already has firm ideas as to her future career development. “My ideal position would be a Deputy Head Teacher of a primary school with Special Educational Needs and pastoral responsibilities. This job role would encompass my managerial goals but also keep me in touch with the classroom,” Charlotte explains.

Keen to maintain links with the Worcester University PGCE programme, Charlotte is also a member of the course committee and hopes to be involved in lectures in the future, offering support and advice to PGCE students.