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Your donation could be a contribution towards a scholarship or be for the full amount.  

There are several types of scholarship available to students of the University of Worcester.

These include:  

Entrance Scholarships for high achieving new students demonstrating excellent academic potential.  

Academic Achievement Scholarships for those going into their second or third year at Worcester.  

Extra-curricular Scholarships to fund activities such as voluntary projects, competitions for elite athletes studying at the University, and academic projects to complement studies, such as archaeological digs or research in the community.  

Mature Student Scholarships to support students over the age of 25 who need extra help to manage the financial and logistical challenges of university life.  

Hardship Scholarships to open up the world of higher education to students with a family income of under £25K. There’s also the opportunity for individuals and companies to create a Named Scholarship – providing a student with the means to study at the University of Worcester. Criteria can be identified in partnership with the University for a scholarship to be awarded to individuals from the region, or to those studying certain disciplines. For a named scholarship, a minimum donation of £1,000 is required.  

Academic Prizes – Individually named prizes for academic achievement at graduation can be donated by businesses or set up in memory of a deceased, retired or influential person in education and/or in the City.  

Our institutes have a number of prizes that recognise students for excellence in their studies, such as The Oxford University Press Prize for the Best Biological Sciences Student. The value of these prizes can vary from £25- £250 and can be named after your business, for example, The Go Green Prize for the Best Independent Study on an Environmental Topic.  

Earn While You Learn – With the introduction of higher tuition fees, employment opportunities could soon be a major factor in determining the courses our students plan to study. At the University of Worcester we place great emphasis on equipping our students for the world of work and many of our courses place emphasis on vocational training. If you would like to inject fresh talent into your workplace whilst improving graduate employability, we can help you find a suitable work experience student for your business.  

For further information contact the Alumni Association on 01905 542273 or email

James Sheehy

Twenty-two-year-old James Sheehy spent a year with Air Technology Systems, a company based in nearby Bromsgrove, which supplies heating and ventilation systems. James had no experience of ventilation or how it works when he started but picked it up whilst shadowing a sales manager for six weeks. James was set a target of bringing in £1 million worth of sales and ended his secondment having netted £3.4m.  

Air Technology Systems offered James a job full-time when he finished his degree and also paid him a bonus for his efforts as well as offering to pay for all his final year books.