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Emma Faulkner

Emma studied BSc Computing as a part-time top-up student whilst working as an IT Technician with Hereford & Worcester Fire and Rescue Service.

A key priority for Emma was that her degree related to her job role and enabled her to learn the practical skills that she needed to progress her career.

I think that working and studying not only benefited me at work, but I also found it useful being able to network with other students. I was able offer my experience when it came to understanding the modern IT Department and also to have some fun while doing it.

Whilst Emma readily admits that studying part-time was hectic and challenging, she says she would recommend it to anyone. I made some new friends and also gained more confidence as a result of learning more than I ever imagined I could. Despite a hectic two years, and with the support of my tutors, the feedback that I was given forced me to think in alternative ways about different topics which, I believe, have expanded my horizons as a result of achieving a first class degree.

After completing her degree, Emma carried on working in the same job, and found she was able to continue to use the skills that she had learned during her time with the University. Emma is now moving on to a new career path I am leaving my job and have secured (thanks to my degree) a place on a PGCE course in Secondary School ICT. I am really excited about what the future now involves. Whatever the outcome, I am assured that without the study at Worcester I would never have been able to achieve my dreams so far.