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Daniel Hollands

Daniel Hollands joined the University of Worcester as a mature student after finding it hard to break into the web development industry.

"Every job I applied for rejected me because I didn't have any proof of my skills," said Daniel. "Although I was already largely self-taught in the tools and techniques utilised within the web industry, being at university helped me learn important skills such as research and project management, and gave me plenty of opportunity to work both alone, and as part of a team.

"Half way through my second year I discovered an aspect of the Web that had previously eluded me, that of accessibility and usability. As someone who suffers from dyslexia, I can understand how frustrating it is to be unable to access information that others access so easily; so adopting a discipline of building web content that is easily accessible to everyone (regardless of situation), and easy to use, was very important to me, so important that I based my Independent Study around it.

"Since graduating from University I've been in constant employment, and despite being happily employed for a small design firm in Leamington Spa, I keep getting telephone calls from recruiters. My long term ambition, however, is to set up by own business that offers accessibility and usability testing for other businesses, so that I can help make the Web a better place for everyone.

"My pathway was Web Development, and I graduated with a first!"