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Specialist help

New or improved website

Our computing students study Web Development and Design, and have the programming skills needed to build you a new fully functioning web site. They can even include a shopping cart, a form to email customers or build a database that is integrated into your website if that is something you need. They can also develop logos and produce e brochures. In some instances, your requirements could become part of a class project, in other cases a work placement might be more appropriate where one student comes to you on a regular basis for a short period. Students also look for actual projects when completing their final independent piece of work. Alternatively, you might want someone you can just pay part time for a short contract.

Read more about our students designing an interactive computer game for Elgar Museum

See examples of our students' work

If you think that our students could help, please contact Liz Coulter-Smith on

Surveys and Market Research

Do you need a team to carry out a survey on your behalf? Do you want to conduct some market research on a new product or service? Our students could work with you to design design questions and methods and can carry out the work. Please contact Jenny Wei-Chen Ma 01905 855456 or  Penney Upton   01905 542162 if you would like to discuss your requirements.

 Looking for Interpretation or translation ?

Our students can help you:

  • Assist in interpretation for overseas delegations
  • As interpreters in meetings with foreign language speakers
  • In preparing written materials for overseas markets
  • In preparing packs for delegations In translating your website

The students have all achieved a certain level of English (written and spoken) and are studying for their degree in English. However, they do not have formal translation qualifications. Please see the full list of countries our students come from [PDF].

How do you get in touch? 

Contact the University of Worcester on

Supply us with all the details regarding the job (including language, nature and amount of work, time required to be completed by or date(s) of attendance). We will circulate it to the relevant students and ask them to contact you

Sport at the University of Worcester

Within sports, the University of Worcester is able to offer highly motivated individuals that have an enthusiasm to learn. All are equipped with ever-increasing skills, ideas and specialist knowledge, whilst having a personal interest in the field. The University of Worcester is able to provide individuals adequately qualified in all aspects of the industry including sports coaching and officiating to event management and performance analysis, who have the support and guidance of professionals. If you are interested in finding out more about what the University of Worcester offer within sports please contact Michelle Morgan on or 01905 855562