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Ben Green

Ben Green graduated with a First Class Honours degree in Psychology at Worcester Cathedral today, and in doing so took another big step towards achieving his professional ambition.

The 21 year-old, who is from Stourbridge, wants to become an Educational Psychologist, a role which focuses on the psychological wellbeing of children to ensure that they get the most out of the educational opportunities open to them.

In order to gain the experience necessary to apply for doctoral programmes, Ben is currently working with children with complex behavioural and emotional needs in a West Midlands primary school, and at Worcester’s New Hope charity, which helps children with special needs.

Ben explains: “My role at New Hope is to provide specialist provision for children with a number of disabilities, such as autism, Tourette’s Syndrome, selective mutism, Down’s Syndrome and epilepsy.

“Combining these two roles is allowing me to gain the experience needed to apply for a doctorate; the programmes are very competitive, but getting a First from the University of Worcester has really helped me on my way to achieving this ambition.

“From here on in, it’s just about getting as much experience as I can and adding as many strings to my bow as possible.”

He adds, of his time at Worcester: “My time at the University has been amazing. It has been a great experience for me and one that I’ll never forget.

“It’s a beautiful city to live in and all the staff at the University are really friendly and always willing to do that little bit extra for you. The respect between the students and lecturers is a mutual one, and this allows a great rapport to be built over the years and really enhances the learning experience.”