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Allan Revill

Having recently completed an MBA at the University of Worcester, I have been inspired to continue my learning journey by enrolling for the DBA programme at Worcester.


The MBA experience meant that I continually challenged myself and also met some great like-minded individuals who share common goals. All the lectures have been enthusiastic and supportive in their approach and this, I believe, has improved my self-development going forward. Professionally, I have more confidence and empathy with all stakeholders in our family business - including better relationships with customers through my research work for the dissertation and the relevant modules studied leading up to the final year.


Having worked in the fresh produce sector over the last 27 years, I now run in partnership a family crop-growing business which has found success via its products and innovative growing techniques, such as using soil sterilants and plastic mulches to improve weed control and achieve earlier crops. This has enabled us to be one of the first to market with a number of UK fresh produce crops.


I now aim to focus on closer working relationships with our customers as a route to grow the business further. The DBA will enable me to continue my research into buyer-supplier relationships in the fresh produce industry from the specialist suppliers’ perspective.


I am looking forward to meeting my fellow DBA students and lecturers, to undertaking more research and meeting other specialist suppliers and buyers from my sector in the process. I am excited about the prospect of being able to make a recognisable contribution to knowledge and practice in the fresh produce industry and (who knows) even beyond.